What are the limits of a private businesses ability to racially discriminate?

What are the current, real world legal limits on an American businesses ability to discriminate based on race.

I know in my business (real estate) that it is illegal on several levels to discriminate in offering property for lease or sale and penalities in these cases are substantial, but what about other businesses? Can a jeweller, or a hot dog vendor, or a private single store retailer refuse to sell to you, or provide services to you, because of your race and get away with it… or not? Can a mainly black or white oriented hair salon legally turn away a customer because they don’t normally deal with their hair?

This is governed at the federal level by Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended (42 USC 2000a et seq.):


Sec. 2000a enumerates the type of businesses that are covered under the law, which include primarily hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and entertainment facilities (theaters, stadiums, etc.). However, other types of businesses can be (and are) covered under state and local laws as well.