What are the moving rectangles in this security video?

In the security camera footage of a woman falling in front of a subway train in Boston there are bunch of dancing red rectangles that seem to track people in the frame. What are they for? Trying to split up the body for facial recognition software? Profiling certain movement?

All it does is register movement. I don’t think it’s nearly to the level of facial recognition (Hell, it tracks the train for a period of time.) From what I understand, security personnel have to keep tabs on several monitors, so if several of them are slow, he can easily switch his attention when he sees a moving red square out of the corner of his eye, or perhaps it even has software to rudimentary track the boxes to determine which camera should have “priority” based on the number of squares?

As **bouv **said, it’s just to highlight motion. If you’ve got 45 cameras to monitor, anything that pops up a highlight to say “Hey, something moved here!” is quite useful.

More likely, the software “watches” all of the cameras continually, and only displays cameras that are picking up activity, which goes a long way to preventing the humans from getting completely bored.

Some info on the programming aspects of motion detection is here.

WTF happened? Was she drunk?

Thanks guys, that makes sense for someone having to monitor an entire bank of cameras. And the programming link was very interesting gotpasswords.

HeyHomie yes, she was drunk

You know what I love about that? The pisshead has everyone on the station trying to help her, gets pulled up off the track and checked over, everyone’s all concerned and shit. Watch the train driver in the background: hand to head, hand pressed over heart, leaning weakly against the doorframe, panting for breath, obviously shocked, distressed, finally stumbling back into the cab to sit down, probably because her legs wouldn’t hold her up any more… completely ignored by everyone, despite the fact that **only **her training and reactions saved the moronic drunk’s life.

She was front page news and was quickly dubbed a hero, is that enough?

Do you have any idea of the effect it has on a driver to kill someone? Being dubbed a hero the next day is nice and all, but at that moment she would have been in deep shock with the end of her career and a (possibly suicidally curtailed) guilt-ridden future flashing before her eyes. It’s not a wonder she could hardly breathe or stand up straight. It would have been nice if just one person in that crowd had considered her as a human being whose skill had just saved a life but who might need some immediate support or comfort, instead of all crowding round celebrating the survival of the fuckwit. But yes, obviously it’s nice that she was on the news and people celebrated her after the event.

Well, it sort of goes along with the hero mythos. People aren’t subhumanizing the driver: people are superhumanizing her. I mean, whoever heard of somebody going to fan Superman, having him sit down, and putting a damp cloth on his forehead after he saves Lois Lane? We don’t think of ‘heroes’ as needing help.


The boxes show motion as stated earlier. My company’s cameras are hooked to DVRs that are set up to record in higher definition when motion is seen. When there’s no motion we get maybe 2 frames a second, with motion present it’s recorded at 60 or so. The boxes can be turned on (visible) or off (still there, but invisible).

ETA: It’s to increase the amount of recording time on the DVR hard drive before overwriting.

Don’t be absurd. She’s not a fictional superhero, she’s a perfectly ordinary woman. Similarly, there’s a programme on TV here sometime soon which they keep advertising with footage of the plane in the Hudson, people talking about what happened, etc. It’s called “Miracle on the Hudson”. IT WAS NO FUCKING MIRACLE, it was years of training and experience coupled with strength of character on the part of the pilot. Fucking miracles and superheroes - they’re just people. And sometimes people need support and/or celebration. Fuckwitted drunks who throw themselves onto train tracks and almost ruin other people’s lives do not deserve celebration or support, they deserve to lie face-down in their own vomit until arrested for vagrancy.