What are the origins and causes of protesting war?

With regards to protesting war, where was the practice first seen, and what was the cause? Were people protesting Roman “warmongering” in the Forum 2000 years ago? Did people protest the Civil War or WWII? Is protesting a result of mass media coverage, a “free your mind” attitude of the 60s, the formation of free governements, or has it always been around?

Well. I would think that it has always been around. Or I know it has since the American Revolution at least. Would make sense that usually SOMEONE didn’t like the thought of going to war and started to complain. Maybe someone who had a grandma in the neighboring country? Or they like the camels that they raised over there? I’ve found that people will complain about the smallest thing so I wouldn’t be surprised if war protests have been going on since the first punch was thrown.

Well, the citizens were not free to speak their minds! Those who did were thrown to the lions, crusified, stoned, hanged, whipped, mamed, tongues cut out, burned at the stake, etc., etc., etc. …pick your poison, kid! - Jinx

So there you go, if there was a punishment for protesting against wars 2000 years ago that means there must have been protests against wars.

Thoreau went to jail for protesting the Mexican-American War.

There was enormous resistance to the Civil War in all parts of the North. Copperhead activity (sympathetic to the South) was so strong in some states that Lincoln sent in troops and suspended the writ of habeas corpus. The Draft Riots in NYC were one of the worst riots in our history. They are featured (badly and unhistorically, I am told) in Gangs of New York.

One-third of the country was against the American Revolution. Pacifists held enormous rallies against WWI. WWII got far more public support. It is the exception. Every other war in our history stirred up resentment and resistance.

This has been true wherever there has been public debate of government throughout history. Including Rome. Cite, Jinx?

Protesting war does go back a ways: read Lysistrata.