What are the origins of Hissy, i.e. Hissy Fit

I had one heck of a hissy fit yesterday. :smiley: I expressed concerns about a certain problem in a loud and definitive manner.

Yup, guys have hissy fits too. But, many people think it only applies to women. That’s not true in my family or people I know. :wink:

So what the heck is a hissy? What are the origins of the word?

I wouldn’t be surprised if it shared a root etymology with the word “Hysterical.”

I presume that it’s meant to evoke the image of a hissing cat.

I’ve always assumed the same as Diogenes.

I’d be surprised if it turned out to be related directly to “hysterical”.

Etymonline.com says it comes from hiss, without further expansion.

Cats, possums, geese, swans, and other things hiss when angry, often for little cause, a hissy fit.

:eek: An angry cat is definitely a scary thing. I’ve seen a pissed off tomcat send a German Shepard running for cover. :smiley:

That could be the origin of hissy fit. I wouldn’t be surprised.

I agree with Diogenes the Cynic, CalMeacham, *and *Exapno Mapcase!

(Wow. You don’t hear that very often ;))

U.S. in origin, 20th Century.

Most authorities suggest a link with hysterics, but offer no evidence.