What are the plans and prices under the affordable care act

I know there are 4 levels of plans, the bronze, silver gold and platinum plan.

I can only find a calculator for California, and it only covers the silver plan.


Here is a comparison chart between the 4 plans and their deductibles and copays but again this is just California.

I’m under the impression it can vary a lot from state to state, so I don’t know if there is one answer. But as it stands I can only find prices on silver and maybe bronze plans. The higher end gold and platinum plans are hard to find.

I asked my insurer here in WA state and was told for exact quotes I would have to wait until the Exchange opens on 1 October.

If only the government had explained it all to us a bit sooner, say sometime in the 2 years since it was enacted, there wouldn’t be this confusion.

I agree that a better job could be done publicizing and explaining it, but that gets into some nasty political issues.

As far as exact rates go, I think it is the insurance companies keeping them from being announced early. Otherwise, my question to my insurer would have been answered.

I haven’t looked into it, but if the government is assigning/naming levels of care based on precious metals, I gotta believe it’s more of a clusterfuck than I could ever imagine.


I’ve been all over this because I haven’t much choice but to sign up for it. Bronze = 60/40, Silver = 70/30, Gold = 80/20 and Platinum is 90/10. In the state I live in I’ve been told I must wait till Oct. 1st. to get answers on coverage options and pricing.

Why isn’t there any thing in place yet? Because many in government and therefore the industries they represent, didn’t and still don’t want this to come to fruition. They sat on things and delayed at every opportunity in the hopes the whole thing would disappear.

The insurance companies have to step forward and offer up their plans to the legislature for approval of basic criteria and etc. before things can be gelled into a comprehensive and comparative offering to the folks who would apply for coverage. The insurance companies couldn’t offer their plans till it was determined who was going to administer the marketplace.

There were 3 options for the marketplace. The state could run it, and get a substantial federal grant to assist that effort. The state could share the responsibility with the fed and still get a substantial grant, or the administration of the marketplace could default to the feds.

This state chose to let the first and second option deadlines slip past them. The acceptance of these options being ignored by a state government and the industries they represent that still want it to all go away. So no federal grant money here (31 million) and now application for the PPACA is conducted via the Healthcare.gov website.

There are helplines set up and a call center in this state that just opened several weeks ago. calls to them result in having scripts read to the caller. Basically parroting what can be found on the updated website.

As it stands here, as far as I know, they still don’t know who the insurers are going to be in this state, let alone what the individual plans are and what they will cost.

At least there is a deadline. Oh yeah, it’s a stinking, clustering “F.” I can only believe the stalling and what not are mostly about the industries that stand to lose money and being saddled with that most egregious of inconveniences called ‘oversight.’

You mean like the official government web site that explains all of this?


Oh, darn! It hasn’t been available for two years. It’s been available for more than three years.

They should rate the plans by the best presidents in US history

Carter plan - 60/40
Clinton plan - 70/30
LBJ plan - 80/20
FDR plan - 90/10

That would be less controversial.

I’m going to assume (as a total wag) that if the silver plan is about $300/person or so for someone who is early middle age, that the gold plan may be $100-200/month more or so since the gold plan is basically just the silver plan with the same out of pocket max but no deductible.

My plan at work is similar to the silver plan, but cost $250/month more than the California quote for a silver plan on the individual market. So I’m hoping I come out ahead from all this.

Some states have published rates already, because they are setting up their own exchanges. Others are not setting up their own exchanges, so residents will buy insurance on the federal exchange, which will publish rates on October 1.