What are the rules on advertising other websites?

I’m a member of a newly created Questions &Answers site for skeptics, dedicated to debunking pseudoscience and myths. I do think this site would be of general interest to dopers as the “mission” is essentially the same as here, fighting ignorance.

Would it be acceptable to post a thread describing the site and linking to it on this board? I don’t want to spam the board with unwelcome content.

You may have the link in your sig.

Paid members can post promotional information in the Marketplace.

Beyond that, it is pretty much considered spam

Thanks for the answer. I didn’t think of the signature, that’s a nice alternative.

URLs seem to be disallowed in signatures. Understand I correctly that I may put the address of the site as text in my signature, but not as a link?

Oh, wait, sorry, sigs may be a members-only perk also. :smack:

Go into your board profile and set the URL as your home page.

No they’re not. Unless you mean coding in sigs.

I remember having a site in my sig when I first joined and got an email from one of the mods telling me I couldn’t do that. So either it is members only or the enforcement is really inconsistent.

I’m having a few clarity issues here.

Why was it okay for Curtis to promote his board here, but not for the OP to promote a site which is essentially the same?

I don’t care one way or the other; however it appears to me to be inconsistent.

You’re right. My thinking, such as it was, was that Curtis was doing a straight spinoff, whereas the OP was promoting someone else’s board, but that’s not a hair I really need to split, if it exists.

Slightly mad scientist, if you would like to start a single thread in MPSIMS announcing this board, you may do so. The usual one-bump-only rule applies.

Sorry Twickster, I was just getting confused.

Here’s the rule on sigs. The mods discussed sometime within the last year and are now allowing people to promote their own sites in their sigs.

Understandable. They were contradictory decisions.