What are those noisy smoke making mosquito killing machines called?


The other day there was this right royal racket outside that sounded like a very badly tuned and mufferless 2 stroke.
As it turned out it was this guy walking down the road with a machine similar to one of those leaf blowers but spewing out dense clouds of smoke into the shrubs and bushes and general vegetation along the way. If you asked him he’d come and do a quick smoke of your house.
Now I know this is for mosquito control – the rainy season has started and there are LOTS of them – and I have seen the same system used in other tropical countries but some reason never found out how it worked.
So the question is – How does it work?
What is the smoke made from and does it kill the mosquitoes or just get them mad? Also how effective is it? Will a treated area remain bug free for hours, days, what? Here it seemed to have no real effect because by the evening we were getting bitten just as much as any other evening.
Just a small on the side what is the kind of smoke bee keepers use?

Thank’s :slight_smile:

I’ll wager it’s probably not smoke, but a conventional poison. There are many types of applicators that can be used to “fog” an area with a water or oil-based insecticide solution; some are gas-powered backpack units that resemble leaf blowers.

Stan Doubt has it. They’re called “foggers” – typically insecticide is mixed with mineral oil. The fogger heats it up and blows it around.

Growing up on US military bases in the mid sixties and early seventies, we kids rode our bikes right in the con-trail of the giant foggers they would mount on the back of the MP pickup trucks.

Snorting all that DDT may explain a few things. :rolleyes:

A hijack, but a worthy one: forget insecticides; get one (or more) of these. (Check out the “testimonials” and “test results” pages.)

That sounds a bit too good to be true but I guess it must have some merit. A but too costly and high tech for round here though a perfect solution like that would be good.
My GF burns dried up orange peel to keep the bugs at bay. It works quite well and gives off a pleasant smell. It’s a bit of a challenge getting the peel to smolder just right giving off enough smoke to do the job without being unpleasant.

But like most ideas this only works as a repellant and the mosquitoes with their ever increasing numbers are just waiting for the opportunity to return with ever increasing determination. :frowning: