What are you hate-watching?

jsc, you might like to see our thread on Succession; I know Aspenglow’s already been there: Succession on HBO

I agree that “hate-watching” is a great term for this activity.

Full disclosure: I’ve watched NCIS from season 1, episode 1. And it’s been good over the years. And I still watch it. But somewhere after Ziva’s departure, it became hate-watching. There aren’t any characters left that I like at all, except Ducky when he makes a rare appearance. And Leon-- he is the sexiest guy on the show. Over on Reddit, after every episode there is a cascade of venom directed at individual characters, plots, hairstyles, how much we miss characters who have left, and which ones we want to leave immediately.

Alas, Blue Bloods, which I didn’t watch from the very beginning in real time but caught up on with binging, is probably now in this category. Everyone on there is so obnoxious! Now they’ve introduced a new son/brother, unknowingly fathered by deceased older bro Joe. Naturally, he’s also a cop. Maybe he’ll inject some life into the show. Tom Selleck used to be one of THE most gorgeous men on TV, but now he’s just bloated. And as Frank he only has one facial expression: consternation. But I still watch it.

[quote=“ThelmaLou, post:22, topic:912481, full:true”]…Tom Selleck used to be one of THE most gorgeous men on TV, but now he’s just bloated. And as Frank he only has one facial expression: consternation. But I still watch it.
At his age, it might be constipation.

Well, he IS a conservative Republican-- don’t they all suffer from that?

We should all look so good at the age of 75.

But the show doesn’t really make the police look as good as it thinks it does - there’s plenty of threatening and hectoring of suspects going on that goes way beyond police procedures.

Dance moms … between the shrew moms the worse than nam era marine drill instructor teacher and a lot of the dances of questionable taste…there was nothing we liked about the show but still watched it every time we came across it …

Same thing happened to me. I ended up binge watching the first five seasons on Amazon Prime.

Just as my decision to reread The Stand early on in the pandemic was a poor one, so was binge watching a series glorifying police violence a poorly timed choice.

There’s a show on either Hulu or Netflix called Floor Is Lava. It’s a physical game show where the set is filled with red liquid and an array of household furniture. Teams of 3 must navigate their way across the rooms to the exit without falling into the “lava.” It involves nearly everything I hate about these shows: endless previews, constant replays of shit we just saw 30 seconds ago, obnoxious “America’s Funniest Home Videos”-style play-by-play by the obnoxious “comedian” host, it’s horrible. But I’ve been dutifully watching another episode every day for the past week.

Black Lightning!

Oh how I hate the youngest daughter with a passion.

Their “nerd guy” is some old dude (my age) that I have a hard time believing he knows all things tech. Black Lightning himself, is a bit long in the tooth to be a super Hero.

They play slow jazz soundtracks straight through the fight scenes. Which is just weird.

I keep coming back because the bad guys are cool.

I’m a sucker for a good villain I guess.

I’ll hate-watch Fox News sometimes just to see how the other bubble lives. In the same vein, I’ll rage-read Breitbart for as long I can stand it (which is usually until see the first headline).

Ditto Chicago PD. It’s like only half of Chicago should be alive after a season, and the gravel-voiced sarge’s bosses are all corrupt douchebags who want to bring him to heel just cuz. Just like every other cop show. But at least 5 channels show it at a time, and it’s not worth standing on principal to avoid it.