What are your electric vehicle plans?

wow. Electric rates must really vary. I can charge at home for 100 miles for about $4.00

UK prices are expensive at the moment.

Of course I could get that down to (on the face of it) half that cost but that would be by using a tariff that is much cheaper overnight (perhaps only £5 for that 100 miles) but the tariff used would mean the cost for the daytime electricity would rise, no such thing as a free lunch. I’d have to be using the car a lot through overnight home charging to see a real world net saving.

And I’ve just noticed a rather obvious error in my post above. 100 miles in my current car is actually more like £12.50.

Not sure why I had £20 in my head. I’d already said in an earlier post

Anyhow, it just goes to makes any potential home charging saving more marginal, even on an optimum EV tariff.

Here’s a WaPo article (gift link) about Tesla’s FSD and how Musk messed with it:

For those who don’t want to read it, it concentrates a lot on Musk having them remove the radar to reduce costs. Since then it’s been less reliable. So don’t buy it, although at $15k, I don’t think many are tempted. Personally, if I had it, I wouldn’t use it.

I think when we got our Model X it costs about $8,500 to turn on the self driving feature. I had not interest in it at that cost. I also don’t think I’d ever use it if I had it.

I’m in California, with relatively terrible electric rates. Taking my solar panels out of the equation it’s only a little more that $6 per 100 miles to fill up from the grid.

It would be closer to $25 per 100 miles for me previous, roughly equivalent gas automobile.