What are your favorite Firefox add ons?

I love Firefox add ons! I bet you do too. :smiley:

Please share your favorites. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Here are my top four add ons…
1. NoSquint - lets you magnify web pages and change colors. Someone has Purple and Green on their web site? Change it with nosquint.

**2.**There are so many times I see an article and don’t have time to read it then. Instead of bookmarking it. Read It Later saves the link temporarily. Why trash up your bookmarks for things you’ll only read once?

3. Flashblock - Turns off Flash and Shockwave. You can turn it on whenever you really want it.

4. Dictionary Search – very handy

Read It Later

I should mention you don’t have to create an account.
The first time you start it, they ask if you want to. Look close and in small letters you’ll see the option to use it without an account.

I prefer not having an account. I love this add on.


Never leave your home page without it.

ant video downloader

Web Developer Toolbar
Turn javascript on/off, outline parts of the page, resize the viewport, and more.

Inspect any HTML or CSS element on the page, and change it on the fly! The awesomeness of this addon cannot be understated.

Copy or save any part of the display.

A few not yet mentioned:
ColorfulTabs - makes the tabs all different purty colors
Easy DragToGo - allows you to open a new tab using drag and drop gestures; good for touchpad users with no middle mouse button
Tab Mix Plus - customization of tabs, tab bars, etc.
TubeStop -Stops the auto-play of YouTube videos
FfvB vBulletin Management- disappears threads in SDMB I’m not interested in

Adblock Plus.
Tab Mix Plus.
All In One Gestures
Gmail Manager
Save Images
Show Me More
Stumble Upon
Download Statusbar
Download Helper
Password Exporter
Save Image In Folder

Besides the already mentioned Ad Block Plus and ColorfulTabs, I like Fast Dial. It basically adds Opera’s Speed Dial feature to Firefox, giving you thumbnail links to your favourite web sites on Firefox’s blank tab pages. Makes it real fast and easy to get to your most frequently used sites, just open a new tab and click the icon.

Adblock Plus
Cool Previews…especially when the Dope is running slow.

ETA: Stumble toolbar

Answers 2.3.54 and copy as HTML link 2.0 are the add-ons I am most aware of.

Adblock Plus just sort of runs out of site and out of mind.

Firegestures. That addon has ruined me. I now can’t use a browser without this feature, I’ve gotten so used to it. I just wish I had it for the rest of my computer, not just my browser.

Flashblock. Just because 95% of the time, flash is annoying.

NoScript. Because I’m paranoid, and it’s really good protection against viruses, exploits and the like.

BBCodeXtra - handy access to vbCode for vBulletin
DownThemAll - Download Manager
DownloadHelper - YouTube video downloader
Firesizer - Resizes your browser to any size you want. I keep mine at 1280x960, even though my monitor res is 1680x1050
Greasemonkey - A huge selection of user scripts to brute force your web experience into shape
Stylish - adjusts the Chrome stylesheet for Firefox, fixing up the minor annoyances in my chosen skin
Linkification - turns non-active link text into active links
PowerTwitter - adds features to Twitter that are, in fact, better than the new Twitter design currently rolling out
The aforementioned:
Web Developer Toolbar
Ad Block Plus
Tab Mix Plus

Forecast Fox. Gives current temp, today’s high, and tomorrow’s high in the status bar at the bottom of your browser.

[li]ffvB makes messageboards manageable. [/li][li]Adblock’s element hiding helper: I can make anything I want disappear.[/li][li]Flashblock–you’d think it’d be superfluous with Adblock, but it makes pages load more quickly, and lets you avoid hidden crap.[/li][li]Some sort of tool for synchronizing bookmarks–right now, a Google bookmarks button, but that may be changing.[/li][li]Image zoom–too many people make images too small. You don’t have to blow up the whole page, just right drag and scroll to make the picture bigger. Nice companion with Nosquint.[/li][li]Organize Status bar: Why that’s not built in to Firefox, I don’t know.[/li][li]Quick restart: Ctrl-Alt-R restarts Firefox when you need to, not only when you’ve updated something.[/li][li]Ressurect pages–I mostly use it for the quick link to the Internet Archive from any page, especially pages that no longer exist.[/li][li]Tab Mix Plus: I may only have 512MB of RAM, but I still use a lot of tabs. Three rows is nice. Plus, it lets me save where I am without having to shutdown Firefox.[/li][li]And, finally, a Trio: Greasemonkey, Stylish, and Firebug. These let me fix all the broken pages all over the web, if I plan on using them very often. You experiment with Firebug, make a userstyle in Stylish, and then throw in Greasemonkey if you actually need to add features. (NoSquint’s ability to set the text size, background, text color, and link color comes in handy here, too.)[/li][/ul]

Those are the extensions that I’ve actually took the time to get back. Which makes me want to indicate FEBE, which will back up every extension, so you can apply it fresh on a new profile/install. But I didn’t count it because I leave it turned off most of the time.

And Flash is probably the only plugin I use consistently. It’s still just as ubiquitous ever, even with devices that can’t handle it.

Paste and Go 3
Add Bookmark Here ²
Automatic Save Folder
TangoFox (a theme, for I love Tango icons)

Thanks for this suggestion! This is great! I especially like the radar thing you can mouse over.

Some add-ons I like are Adblock Plus, FireGestures, Facebook toolbar, and Morning Coffee. The last opens up all your morning tabs with one click. You can customize it for which days you want certain sites opened (there’s a website I like that only updates once a week, so I have it only open that one on Sundays).

Zotero–I’m using it now for my dissertation research. It’s more of a plug-in than an add-on. It works like a free version of EndNote. You can save complete bibliographic information just by clicking an icon in the address bar, type notes, export bibliographies, and, it has a Word plug-in that lets you cite as you write, keeping track of bibliographic information automatically.

The best part is that it syncs your local information with a server, so if you find a cite at home and save it, you’ll also have access to it on your office copy of Firefox. It syncs every time you add something or delete something.

I guess it’s time I crawled out from under my rock- I’ve never heard of Firefox add ons (and I use Firefox).

I feel so… naked.

NoScript (Another Javascript blocker)
Adblock (Seriously. no idea how I got by without it.)
TinyURL Generator (I link people stuff in chat a lot. When it’s a 200 character long Amazon listing, being able to TinyURL it with a mouseclick is right nice.)

There are two that I use side by side and together they work incredibly. I cannot tell you the time I’ve saved and how much easier browsing is with these two and, again, used together they are amazing.

The first is Linkification

It converts text links to clickable links. Handy-dandy for sites that put their links in the code-boxes.
ETA: I see GuanoLad mentioned this one above, too.

I use it together with Multi-links.
This allows you to, with a right/hold/drag mouse button click, to open several links at once (in different tabs).

And then there’s Adblock, of course.