What are your food and eating oddities?

I can’t eat popsicles. It’s not the edible part I have a problem with. It’s the stick. I don’t like having that piece of wood in my mouth.

Heh, I got plenty of these.

First, hotdogs. I chop the weenies up, tear up the buns, and toss them into a bowl. Top with chili, mustard, chopped onion, ketchup, mayo, and cheese. Toss into the microwave until the cheese is melted, stir and eat. Sometimes I’ll add bbq chips to the mix. This completely changes the taste of the hotdog.

Meats. I have this weird thing about meats. I can’t eat chicken or turkey without gagging. The only exceptions being when chicken is made into balogna, weenies, or used in brunswick stew. The only way I can eat turkey is when it’s made into pepperoni.

I eat ketchup, soda cracker, and cheese sandwiches. I also eat doritos, pepperoni, pizza sauce, and shredded cheese mixed together.

Unless I deliberately mix it, I cannot stand my food touching. I bought divider plates so that juice from my beans don’t touch my potatoes, stuff like that.

I love apples and apple sauce of all kinds, but I cannot stand apple flavored drinks or candies.

I like to take sausage patties and make hamburgers out of them. (Walmart sells patties that are perfect for this.)

…well yeah. You are not eating a hot dog anymore why should it taste like one?

I buy a moderately high end bourbon and mix it with soda pop. People sometimes gasp at this blasphemy.

Crappy booze mixed with pop still tastes crappy. Good stuff mixed with a soft drink I enjoy plain… great!

I don’t like fruit. I don’t mind it in things but I don’t like eating fresh, ‘raw’ fruit. The only ones I enjoy are the less-appreciated ones like coconut, the pumpkin/squash family, etc. and the savory ones like peppers, cucumber, and their ilk.

I love using up leftover sticky rice by putting it in ice cream.

I have inflammatory bowel disease, and a lot of foods are triggers. So there’s a lot of foods that I can’t eat without consequences.

Then there’s a lot of foods that I probably could eat, but that I just don’t like. Liver and shellfish, for instance. My husband likes both, so I just hand over any liver or shellfish that I find on my plate. My cats have also volunteered to dispose of any shrimp that I don’t want.

:smiley: Me too! My husband says I eat apples “like a horse.” I eat whole cherries and olives and swallow the pits, and I just looove the fuzzy skin of a peach.
I also swallow the unpopped kernels at the bottom of a bag of popcorn.

I get hiccups when I wolf down dry foods like bread rolls, hard pretzels, and air-popped popcorn. This doesn’t seem all that weird to me, but no one of my aquaintance seems to have this problem.

I like the steel cut oats with a little butter and salt. They’re chewy, like grains, like rice, and can be treated as such.

I often order chicken chow mein from the Chinese takeout restaurant. I don’t think anyone else has ordered chicken chow mein from there in decades.

I only eat real meals after 6 p.m., just have a little snack in the morning and in afternoon. Yes, I’m hungry all day long, but if I dare eat a big meal I will shortly afterwards fall asleep where I sit.

I’m realizing if I keep commenting, people are going to think I’m a terribly picky eater. I’m not, exactly - I don’t make a production of it. I eat something out of whatever there is and don’t try to draw attention to my plate.


I like frozen peas. While they’re still frozen. I only eat a handful, because obviously they’re very cold, but they’re yummy.

This is one of my favorite snacks. Corn works too.

I put salt on oranges but not clementines. Which is good because the first box of clementines at Christmas time usually disappears in a day. We bought the first box a week ago and we’re on box 4 now. It’s an addiction.

My favorite dinner is liver and lima beans. Loved it since I was a kid.

When I eat a meal, the last thing I do before dessert is finish my beverage. I don’t like having more if I don’t have anything to wash it down with.

Love dried fruit. Hate raisins.

Damned if I know.

Ya know who else put ketchup in their cottage cheese? Richard Nixon.

Yeah, that’s right. I just Milhoused this thread.

I love lima beans with a dab of olive oil and lemon juice with a pinch of sea salt. Same treatment for butterbeans [the full on adult form of lima beans] I will occasionally add a bit of stewed tomatoes to the beans. And I love brussels sprouts as long as they are not boiled to mush.

I have problems texturally with finding little bones or bone chips in a mouthful of food - dates back to when I was about 5 and got a perch bone stuck in my throat. It is really nasty to find a bonechip or a fragment of chicken vertebra by crunching into it. <shudder> Those tiny little seeds in blackberry jam make it a total turnoff for me even though I know that they are just seeds and totally crunchable. If a food is supposed to be smooth, it doesn’t crunch. If it is supposed to crunch, it is fine though.

I’ve always had the habit of “saving the best for last,” especially with food. When I’m alone, and nobody can intimidate me into eating normally, I always eat the edges of a sandwich, then the middle, where all the good stuff is concentrated. Same with burgers. With hot dogs, I bite from one end, then the other, alternating toward the middle.

And then there’s pie: I eat the crust first, then progress toward the point. Same with pizza, though that involves a lot of dexterity, once the crust is gone.

Yes I Googled it. But seriously, it’s not a well known condition so would it have killed you to either explain what you meant or provide a link?

I don’t like drinking out of glass - if I have a choice between a “glass” glass and a cup made out of plastic, I’ll choose the plastic every time.

I usually eat my meals in order of least-liked --> liked. So I’ll start with the asparagus, finish with the steak. If I do it in reverse order, I’ll never eat my veggies! :eek: :o

I don’t use salt. I’d prefer to get things that traditionally have salt sprinkled on after cooking (pretzels, french fries, popcorn, potato chips, etc.) salt-free… there’s some brand of pretzel that is sprinkled with sesame seeds that I’ve found in kosher sections that I really like.

I can’t stand most creamy textures; no mayonnaise or aioli, no cheesecake or cream pies, so pumpkin or sweet potato pie, no creamy salad dressings, no whipped cream, no yogurt, etc. Yet I love cream cheese, cottage cheese, and sour cream, and I can’t figure out why.

Odd to most people around here, but apparently common outside of the US: I more often treat peanut butter as a savory food, not sweet. I’ll add a dash of sriracha to a peanut butter sandwich, put a dollop in my ramen, make PB and cheese roll-ups.

Sharp cheddar cheese on apple pie. Decidedly not weird in some areas, but around here, it’s considered bizarre. I’ve even had folks who run pie shops ask me if I was serious; you’d think that someone in the pie business would have at least heard of it. (Which I think is weird; the whole reason I even tried it to begin with was that it was a common menu item when I was a kid… you could get pie plain, a la mode, or with cheese. I think the day I tried it and realized how good it was was the day that all the restaurants removed it from their menu.)

How is that weird? Doesn’t it tell you on the box how to do that?

I like sausage. I like pizza. I hate sausage pizza.

I don’t eat seafood, which way too many people have to tell me is bizarre. I also don’t like strong cheeses.

Last, I don’t like hot tea, but I’ll drink iced tea until the cows come home. Unsweetened, the way the tea gods intended, of course :stuck_out_tongue: