What are your food and eating oddities?

I have a problem with bland foods. After a while, I just can’t swallow them. This ranges from white bread to grilled cheese (I still can’t eat grilled cheese.) If I haven’t had a problem for a while, I can manage - I used not to be able to eat plain rice, which is serious comfort food for me, toast, or peanut butter. I especially have to be careful with eggs, which is a shame because I love deviled eggs. But after about two I can feel my throat threatening to close.

I like just plain butter on white bread. Not very often. But in kindergarten, that was one of the things my babysitter would give us. This was back in Ohio. I actually haven’t had it in a while.

I don’t like peanut butter and jelly. I don’t eat peanut butter sandwiches any more - see that first paragraph for why. But peanut butter on ritz crackers is one of my standbys for packing lunches. One of my friends had never heard of such a thing.

I don’t like potatoes or soda. Some people think this makes me unamerican.

I open the floor to y’all. What are eating habits that other people find odd? What weird food combinations do you like? What strange thing can you no longer eat? Or whatever thing involving being odd and food you’ve got.

I like to eat peanut butter and Velveeta sandwiches. A lot of people find that just plain weird.

I love biting into a fresh apple. But I can’t stand applesauce, apple-flavored candy, or apples that have been cooked or processed in any way. I don’t like the flavor without the texture. Same goes for bananas.

I love fresh tomatoes, and tomato sauce, but I don’t like ketchup.

And I can’t stand jams or jellies, but give me a peanut butter and jalapeño PBJ any day.

I prefer tartar sauce with french fries.

I like cottage cheese mixed with either grape jelly or ketchup (not both at once - that’s just gross).

Fritos+cream cheese=delicious. Cream cheese with anything else, yecch.

I like to microwave leftover mac & cheese until it’s all dried out and microwave-burny, like 5-10 minutes.

I prefer Cheetos and Cheez-Its stale. As stale as possible.

Hmm, I just realized all of my food quirks involve some form of cheese.

I can’t eat food that isn’t the color I think it ought to be.

Blue and purple are unacceptable.
Green vegetables, great! Green cake frosting? GTFO.
Tomato or fruit-based reds are usually fine, though I reserve the right to judge red on a case-by-case basis. An obvious exception is ketchup, which looks like blood.

Believe it or not, few people IRL are aware of my food color hang-ups.

Aside from mustard on french fries, my eating habits are pretty normal. I don’t get to say that about many things.

I like to put about an inch of M&M’s in a short glass, fill the glass up with ice water, and let them steep until all the candy coating comes off in the water. M&M soup! Very tasty, but every friend who’s ever seen me do it thinks it’s gross. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll eat just about anything but people seem to have a problem mostly with my plucking the eyeballs out of chicken and fish heads and eating them. But they’re the best parts!

I have TMJD so I really don’t eat crunchy things anymore. It’s a no-brainer that I don’t chew gum or eat apples whole (cut up apples I can manage)…but I get tired eating chips or crackers or any crunchy snack food.

The worst is popcorn. I went to the movies last week and got a medium bag of popcorn (for a dollar!) and ate about a cup’s worth before my jaw started fighting back at me when I tried to open my mouth to put some popcorn in.

My doctor once told me to lose weight I should “stop eating chips and crackers so much.” I nearly punched her in the face.

I used to dye my milk strange colors. I haven’t done that in a while…

One that I think is minor, but people find very strange. Every morning I have a dry cereal - usually original Cheerios - and a glass of chocolate milk. And I always have to specify a glass of chocolate milk when I tell people. I don’t like wet cereal (I don’t eat oatmeal, cream of wheat, or any of the other gruels).

Zipper, punching might have been overkill (if understandable), but WOW there were so many things wrong with that.

I eat cheese and peanut butter on crackers all the time (often dipped in apple sauce.) It works.

Something I liked as a kid, but haven’t eaten since I got married – until last week, when I made it for myself, and was surprised when my wife said it was weird: hot Shredded Wheat.

I put two whole Shredded Wheat biscuits in a bowl, poured water on them, then poured the water off and zapped them in the microwave for two minutes. Then I added milk and maple syrup. Mmmmm!

Speaking of M&Ms: I invented a superstition (just as a joke) when I was about eight years old. It applies only to a bowl or large bag of M&Ms, not the single-serving-sized bags. It is very bad to eat the last M&M, because you will die shortly afterwards (say, in the next couple of weeks.) It’s not that the last M&M is poisonous or anything, it’s just that it’s cursed.

Once in a while I’ll put dried red pepper flakes into my coke. It doesn’t alter the flavor at all, and it gives it a little bit of an edge.

Soda/pop makes me want to vomit, especially the sugar-free kind. Any kind. I find it utterly vile. On principal and because I don’t like the taste, I won’t eat anything labeled “low fat”, low cholesterol" or "low sugar/sugar free. " Also nothing labeled “lite”, not ever. If they can’t spell it, I’m not eating it.

I love anchovies and other little stinky fish. And octopus and squid. And if I have to drink my coffee black, I put salt in it.

Love most anything made with eggs, and love most anything made with tomatoes - but they must not be present at the same time during meal times. Certainly not on a plate together. Ewww.

When I was a kid, my mom used to make peanut butter, mayonnaise, mashed banana and crispy bacon sandwiches. On Wonder Bread. I still like those.

LOVE anchovies and anchovy-stuffed olives.
I could happily make a meal of what most people would consider garnishes or condiments: pickled ANYTHING, baby corn, olives, etc.
I like my oatmeal savory. Basically anything you would flavor rice or potatoes with, I’d do the same with oatmeal. I cook it in veggie broth and white wine and then add anything from Laughing Cow cheese, to onions, to mushrooms, to veggie burgers.
My Bloody Mary has to have a lot of olive juice in it (and Bacon Salt!)
Peeps must be dry and crunchy.
I use salsa in place of salad dressing.
I only eat one meal (supper) a day.
I never drink milk.
I always drink juice through a straw.
I don’t eat pancakes or doughnuts; not really a fan of the sweet.
I eat the WHOLE apple, core and all.

I like macaroni with just butter and salt. Lots of salt. My brother’s wife used to make it when I was a kid.

Peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. My brother hooked me on them when I was a kid.

Mayo on fries, from my time in Europe.

A fried egg on my oatmeal.

Butter/olive oil mix on popcorn. Also alternating popcorn with Junior Mints at the movies.

Discussing, handling or even looking at lettuce makes me salivate.

(There it goes again.)

I love licorice, but I can’t stand Jagermeister. It tastes just like the original formula for Vicks 44 cough syrup, which I also hate.

I used to do that… also mayonnaise, pb and cheese sandwiches… sometimes with banana.
My family has this belief that just about any cracker or cookie is better when smashed up in a cup with milk and eaten with a spoon.