What are your go-to "fun" internet sites at work?

Inspired by this thread where at least three people opined that they typically read/post here at work.

I thought it was interesting, because although I’m a big Dope reader, I never read it at work, and instead peruse Slashdot or Stack Exchange while code is running or my computer is otherwise busy.

For me, apparently the Dope is only an “at-home” thing, which I didn’t really think much about prior to reading that other thread.

So I thought I’d put it out there and see if anyone else here self segregates their work and home browsing, and to find out what other “fun” internet sites people are visiting at work.

So Dopers, what say you?

Slashdot, Slate Star Codex, a robotics blog whose name I can’t remember right now, Reuters, and a local TV news channel.

I peruse quite a few others via my phone during breaks, but those are the only ones I use my desktop to view.

My office doesn’t have a window, so I often keep this webcam up and running so that I can see what the weather looks like outside.

This, reddit, YouTube.

Also slate star codex, wait but why.

Plus a few phone games.

Interesting, I hadn’t run across Slate Star Codex before - it’s sort of like a 3quarksdaily for psych topics?

On my computer I alternate between the Dope and Fark at work. When everybody runs out for a smoke break (I don’t partake) I check my Facebook feed on my phone.

At my current work; nothing. A warehouse floor ain’t the place to cruise the web for folks my age. Some of the younger folks with fancy phones; maybe. Last job it was here, the original Cat Bowling, and Gunbroker.com.

Back when I worked outside the home, my personal favorites were wunderground.com, where I could look up sunset and sunrise times all over the world, and websites detailing the history of color photography, with example of these pictures and also modern photos altered accordingly. (No, I’m not a photographer!) I could just take it down and go back to work if it got busy.

I also worked with several people who would surf genealogy websites, and our IT person said that at this hospital, the #2 genre of websites looked up, #1 being healthcare related, was recipes. #3 was mugshots, both local and otherwise.

Imgur. I can mindlessly flip through pictures, gifs and videos for a long time.

The SDMB, of course; but also Atlas Obscura, Listverse, and a few news sites.

4chan. Seriously, it’s the most interesting place on the internet right now.

I always have something on Youtube going in the background for noise our office is stupid quiet all the time. Other than that, I’ll do Facebook and the Dope very often, ESPN a few times a day and I do at least one (usually multiple) crosswords at bestcrosswords.com. They’re probably easy for smart people, but I’m not so they’re pretty challenging for me.

When I’m at work I’m either working or on SDMB. Once in awhile a news site like CNN or a local newspaper. Same at home.

I visit Cracked (articles and plastys, not videos) and the SDMB. Cracked gives me brief mental breaks early in the day while I’m getting warmed up, and the SDMB keeps me awake during long compiles - each while mostly looking like plain text (except the plasties) so there’s not that much visual disruption coming from them.

Forgot to mention them.

I also want to give props to The Ringer. Mostly sports related, but they do some fantastic pop-culture deep dives on occasion.

Here and ESPN.

That’s so clever of you! :slight_smile:

I like this webcam, because I just finished reading a V.I. Warshawski novel, and all of them take place in and around Chicago. I need to put up that site when I’m reading the next one.

Atlas Obscura and here, where i can at least claim a possible work motive. And wiki, of course.

Dangerous Minds is excellent. Endless pop-cultural stuff (mostly from the before-time epoch).
I sometimes peruse http://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net all the time, for fun. It used to be more lively, though, when people posted tons of videos of UFO sightings and you could vote if you thought it was real or not. That made searching through the most interesting ones easier since you could see all the public chatter and voting. Now it’s just an aggregator, with tons of dubious stuff. There’s also mufon.com and http://www.nuforc.org for more serious UFO and AIP enthusiasts.