What are your pet peeves?

I’m convinced I’m a freaking genius compared to those other people who live in my house. NO ONE but me knows how to fill an ice cube tray, put a new roll of toilet paper on the roller thing or get clothes into the hamper. Hubby puts the empty ice trays in the sink, as if he thinks I’m going to wash them. Jeez, fill it up and stick it back in the freezer!! It takes 5 seconds!! :rolleyes:

They all (38-year old husband, and three kids, ages 12, 11 and 4) drop dirty clothes in front of and on top of the clothes hamper, but never open it up and put stuff in. How hard is that? You actually got it TO the hamper, just open the lid and drop it in!! :rolleyes:

And of course, the infamous bathroom “lay-the-new-roll-on-top-of-the-old-cardboard-roll” trick. Okay, the 4-year-old can’t do it, but everyone else can. :rolleyes:


Stupid people.
I had a lady today bring back a happy meal, she got a cheeseburger, she ordered chicken nuggets. No biggie, I got her some nuggets, and apologized. I happened to glance in the box before I threw the cheeseburger away-it was half eaten. How does it take you halfway through a cheeseburger to remember that you wanted chicken? Crackheads.

I also hate when people act all depressed, or sad, or just weird. There’s obviously something wrong, because they’re moody. I ask what’s wrong, they say nothing. If nothing’s wrong, then why are you depressed?

Supervisors also make me mad…when they fail me by 3 points for my management certification, but Crystal can pass right away because we need a closing manager…
Ya know, I could really use that insurance…

Umm let’s see here

Those little kids that think they are hackers

driving really dumb like (the bitch who rear ended me and didn’t have her kid buckled in in the front seat who incidentally flew over the front seat into the back don’t ask how it happened it just did)

eating slow

being of the ability to not have fun

thinking your the shit

not having any self confidence

Umm I am sure there are more it’s just to close for me to leave work to actually think about them.

“From whence.”

That bugs the shit out of me. “From whence.” Grrrr.

It’s redundant. “Whence” means “from where.”

“Go back whence you came.”

Besides agreeing with just about everything above, one of my pet peeves is annoying me right this very moment:

People who work in the next cube over and clear their throats every 20-30 seconds. No exaggeration. Every day, all day. It’s very annoying. The same person asks me and everyone else 2 or 3 times a day how we’re doing, in various forms:

“You doin’ ok today?”
“Did you have a good weekend?”
“Did you have a good morning?”
“Did you sleep well last night?”
“Happy Friday!”
“You feelin’ alright?”
“How ya doin’? You doin’ alright?”

And all the other hokey verbal intrusions. Shut the hell up already, would you?

FWIW, throat-clearing can be an obsessive-compulsive behaviour. Which is not to say that it isn’t annoying as anything.

I thought of another peeve; people who let their little kids run around loose in stores; this is bad enough, but sometimes they will run into me and fall down and start crying, while the parents glare at ME for hurting their child. ARRGH!

Dire Wolf, you should thank God that you’ve never met my study hall supervisor. The man does not suggest that students quiet down, but he merely looks right at you and clears his throat, “Ugh.” It’s not one of those prolonged, I-have-a-terrible-cold throat clearings; it sounds a little like a short cough. Makes me shudder.

Anywho, I can’t stand it when people put “the” in front of titles to which the word doesn’t belong. Examples: The Fight Club (which is actually said in some Dodge or Ford truck commercial), The Gladiator.

When your sitting in a dark room with 9 or 10 other people and they all like the room dark (like before class or before the daily meeting at work) and one person comes in who doesnt like it dark and turns on the light without asking. The arrogance of it is what I hate. They seem to think that they are more important than all the other people in the room. And by reflex.

This thread took off fast.

I also hate bad driving, loud bass, (which here in South Carolina usually go hand in hand), unpatroitic Americans, C’mon, stand up for your country you lazy moron! Bad comedians and actors, George Lucas’ voice (Try to sound excited George), Kid’s songs (don’t they make you want to throw up?), Scoobie Doo, soap operas, N’Stink, The Backseat Boys and others of that kind, rap, Mettallica, arrogant people, reality TV, people who pretend to worship Cecil. I know it’s a joke, but it’s so freaking annoying! I have a lot more where this came from.

It would probably be alot easier to list the things that AREN’T my pet peeves, but I’ll take a stab at it:

Flashing signs in front of stores that are misspelled (and they always are). I always want to stop and get out and correct them.

Bad spelling.

Poor grammar. (This one really flies all over me.)

Virus hoaxes. (Main reason I am a snopes addict as well as a SD fanatic.)

I have a million more, but none are popping into my sleep deprived brain at this time.

Bad/careless/selfish/arrogant drivers are far and away my biggest pet peeve…it’s been pretty well covered in this thread by others.


At work, people leave stuff on my desk with no explanation and no reason as to why…I guess it’s something I’m supposed to take care of, but without any kind of note, I have no idea.

Speaking of desks, people who borrow my stapler/scissors/tape/whatever without asking and don’t return it…I love spending my morning hunting down my stuff.

People who write on/draw on/damage property that isn’t theirs.

Being disconnected by AOL with pneumatic regularity.

Bad drivers do bother me, but what I really hate is when someone doesn’t give me “the wave.” I let him in and he doesn’t take the two seconds to raise his hand and splay his fingers. How hard is that? I don’t care what he’s saying under his breath, just give me the wave, that’s all I want.

I also dislike pecan logs…

Oh, and it also bothers me when my students write on their desks and misspell their graffiti. “Long live Satin!” That phrase next to an upside down pentagram doesn’t have quite the same effect I think they’re going for. Underneath it I scrawl, “Polyester rules!!” They have no idea…

[sub]Personally, I worship at the altar of Our Lord Cotton[/sub]

This reminds me of something I once read on a bathroom wall:
(…doesn’t say much for “white spelling power”)
Next to this was a swatstika with one of the “arms” facing the wrong direction (three clockwise, one counter-clockwise). I mean, come on…how hard is it to draw one of those?

I tell ya, if this was meant to be some kind of enlistment tactic, it was lost on me.
[sub]FTR, this post and its contents were not meant to offend anyone, except idiot white supremacists who can’t spell…I apologize in advance to anyone who thinks I even remotely endorse any such statements or symbols as described above—poohpah[/sub]

People who chew tic-tacs, or for that matter, any sucking lolly.

If you don’t have enough time to suck it, you shouldn’t be chewing it!

Also when someone is sucking on ice or chewing candy. I don’t care, just don’t do it so loud! Yuck!


Those fucking motherfuckers who bring a LOT more than 12 items into the express lane. Sure, I don’t mind 13, 14, or 15. But 36? Give me a fucking break. If YOU don’t want to follow the rules, then get behind all the people that CAN read, and have less than 12.

Also, those assholes who have me ring half their stuff, then subtotal the transaction every single item after that. Hey asshole, if you don’t think you have enough money for it all, THERE’S A GOOD CHANCE YOU DO NOT. Don’t fucking waste my time, or the time of all the other people who are intelligent and don’t have any illusions about what they can and cannot afford.
Thank goodness my last day at Wal-Mart is next Friday.

(and pardon my language, had a bad night tonight)

this is a bit strange but I hate when I hold a door open for someone and they put their hand on it just to make sure, as if I would slam it in their face as the are crossing the threshold. grr.

here, here. (or is it hear, hear?)

also: shrug

That drives me freaking crazy! No offense to anyone who
shrugs like that, but it always seems like it is some stupid teenage girl who is basically saying “Oh, I dont think I’m cool, but I do all these cool things and everyone else thinks I’m just the coolest thing since freezer pops. shrugs.” False modesty on the internet, ugh.

also: I am in a few writing classes this semester (which isnt at all surpising, seeing how i am a writing major), so it sometimes happens that I’ll be talking to a classmate, and they’ll ask “So, do you have any ideas for this next assignment?” and if I do, and if I very quickly give an idea of what I am planning, they pause and give me a new idea - like the one I thought of was so pathetic that they are offering me their B plan, or something.

  • People who hold elevator doors open in order to converse with someone not getting on the elevator. (At my last office, we had intercoms on the elevators, and when some asshole ehld the elevator from serving other floors, we could chew them out over the speaker.)

  • People who grab food off of my plate. (A SERIOUS overconfidence. They risk taking a fork in the back of their hand.)

  • People who sneeze or cough and don’t cover up.

  • People who smoke and blow the smoke in my direction.

  • CIGARS. They’re olfactory assault and battery.

  • (similar to Lord Davidson’s list) In a supermarket checkout, people who dispute a difference of two or three cents on a single canned item (“That’s not the brand I meant to buy.”) and hold up ten other customers in line in doing so.

  • People who put their supermarket items on the conveyor belt, then head off to do more shopping.