What are your pet peeves?

There have probably been plenty of threads like this, but I like this subject.
My pet peeves are: stupid people, daytime TV, infomercials, smelly dogs that like to jump, whistling loudly, Budweiser WASSUPP commercials (which get worse the more they survive), and my mom chewing gum, it’s very loud and very disgusting. I’ll come up with more.

I despise poor grammar, bad spelling, and people who insist on typing in all lowercase letters.

I can’t stand bad drivers. Yes, I occasionally do stupid things while driving. We all do. But…I’ve never been in an accident, those stupid things are rare, because when I’m driving, I pay attention to the road.

Spelling the word cool as kewl. It’s not cute. It takes no fewer letters, and it’s incredibly annoying.

There are other things, but those are the ones that are tops in my mind today.

[ul][li]Bad handwriting[/li][li]Littering[/li][li]Driving without turn signals[/li][li]Poor grammar[/li][li]Bad cooking[/li][li]Commercial advertising[/li][li]Fast food[/li][li]People who speak only one language[/li][li]Aggressive drivers[/li][li]Loud rap music[/li][li]Gratuitous foul language[/li][li]Racism[/li][li]Ill behaved children[/li][li]Rude conduct[/li][li]Chauvinism[/li][li]Grafitti and tagging[/li][li]Poor workmanship[/li][li]Violence of any kind[/li][li]Untrained pets[/li][li]Uneducated people[/li][li]Willful ignorance[/li][li]Bad spelling[/li][li]All lowercase typing[/li][li]Poor punctuation[/li][li]Soap operas[/li][li]Worship of atheletes[/ul][/li]The list is endless…

My gosh, Zenster! Now thank that nice Mr. Zamboni for starting this thread.

Today’s pet peeve is people who borrow things and don’t return them.

The other pet peeve is me, for being too wussy to demand that the items be returned.


Tops of my list at the moment are:

  • Drying myself off after showering. I don’t know why; I just hate it.

  • People who won’t shovel their sidewalks in winter. And then when it freezes and thaws like it always does here, they get 20 feet of sheer ice in front of their houses, which they also ignore. You know why? Because they have a GARAGE and they never walk outside in winter. Oooh, I’m getting all steamed up just thinking about it. I am fully prepared to sue if I fall and hurt myself, but I would prefer not to be hurt in the first place.

Thank you, Mr. Zamboni, for starting this thread.

Many things dealing with chewing and/or eating -

 Gum chewing/snapping/blowing bubbles

 Chewing food with the mouth open

 Unhinging the jaw to take in huge amounts of food (men,
 pay attention here)

 Talking while eating (slightly different than chewing
 with mouth open)

 People who inhale popcorn non-stop throughout movies

 Carl's Jr. commercials with people pigging out noisily

 Using toothpick in public to extract food from teeth

People who are always late

Computer generated phone calls with computer-voice message

And last but not least - IGNORANCE

-I hate when someone leaves an empty paper towel tube on the holder.

-I hate those commercials with that psychic, tarot card reading whore Mistress Clio. How in the hell are you going to get a tarot card reading on the PHONE?!?!?

[Mistress Cleo]
De tarot, Dem never lie.
[/Mistress Cleo]

People who keep the subway car doors from closing-- yes, yes, you need to get on this train to get to work on time, of course it doesn’t matter that you are delaying the hundreds of other people already on the train.

People who plant themselves directly in front of me on said subway cars, with less than 6 inches of clearance, when there is space for them to stand more comfortably (for both of us!) elsewhere.

The folks in line at the coffee cart in the morning, who insist on giving the little guy who makes the egg sammiches a hard time.

I’ve just got one pet peeve that’s really worth bitching out loud about:

It drives me absolutely apeshit when people will get off an elevator, escalator, or bus, and then stop right in the middle of the walkway because they have no clue where they’re going. Jesus Christ, people! If I’m walking behind you, and you suddenly stop right there, I have to either force myself to stop (and this can be hard/dangerous when some idiot plants himself at the bottom of a staircase and you don’t expect it), or I have to crash into you. Either way, thanks to you inconsiderate, clueless demon spawn, me and the ten people behind me will wind up tripping all over each other. Keep moving, dammit!

This is especially vexing when it happens on escalators, since the motion of the thing sorta forces you to keep going. So, fergoshsakes, just keep going! You should have an idea of where you’re going anyway! Do you not plan your day out? Grrrr!!


::calms down::

Heh, sorry. Me done.

Oooh, I have tons.

*Bad driving. (Related: Those of you who don’t clear the snow off of your freaking tail lights so people behind you can see what you’re doing. You know who you are.)

*People who get on airport escalators & moving walkways & take up the whole thing. It’s an airport, you morons. Be considerate of people who might be in a hurry.

*People who don’t train their children or pets.

*Advertising & commercials, generally. Related: Having to hunt all over the newspaper for stories which are often continued on page 857A.

*Rudeness and bad manners.

*Telemarketers. You are all scum.

*Sports fanatacism. Get a life.

*New age fads and stupid shit like Feng Shui.

People who list their pet peeves.

:: ducks and runs ::

All of the above.
Especially no turn signals, not clearing snow off the car, and gum chewing.

Also, people who don’t let others off the elevator because they are trying to get on. You know, you’re ON the elevator, the door opens on your floor, and someone is standing right there and pushes their way on without letting the other people get OFF first. Excuse me, but there would be more room if you’d let us off first, you ignorant pig!

I see this all the time in the mall. People step off the escalator, and stop, trying to figure out which way they need to go to get to The Gap. It’s like a multi-car pile-up behind them with people trying to get off the escalator and get around them.

light pollution (sky-glow, glare, light tresspass, wasted energy, etc.)
incorrectly using “your” & “you’re”, etc.
graffiti & littering
urban sprawl

hitting “submit” when I meant to hit “preview”

*People who don’t keep their dogs tied up or controlled so that when I go running I have to deal with Cujo II.

*People who think the world owes them something.

*People who say, “Oh, you can’t do that, you’re a girl” or “Oh, that’s too hard for you to do”. /cowardly lion voice/ “Put 'em up, put 'em up!” /c.l.v/ Them’s fightin’ words!

*People who come into my office 3 times a day when I’m working on a project for them and ask “Is it done yet? Is it done yet?” No, you putz, if it was done, you’d have it!

*People who complain about their financial state and then go spend money at every sale that comes along.

I’m sure there’s more but that’s good enough for now.

People who look at you like you’re a piece of ass and nothing else, and want to follow you around and try to get a piece of it in any way possible. Saturday this one guy followed me around the park where I’m working at a renfaire, buying me stuff to try to get in my pants. Arrrgh. Then I find out he’s 22, has an ex-wife and two kids. I was not wanting to have him around me to start with, and this gave me more impetus to try to rid myself of him. Then, the next day, he comes not only with his kids, but with a bunch of his redneck friends and possibly also his ex-wife. The only reason why he didn’t hit on me was because he was with people whom he couldn’t act like that in front of. But that didn’t stop him from making dirty looks/gestures in my direction. I am working here, don’t you get that?!? I don’t exactly have the time or the desire to be hit on by everyone who passes by me. Yes, I might jokingly flirt with some of the guys I work with as well as some of the girls, but they know perfectly well that it’s just a joke for the patrons. Argh!!!

Just fill the ice tray back up. It’s so damned simple. The ice tray has one lousy cube left in it. DO NOT put it back in the freezer like that. It takes all of 10 seconds to refill that tray. You can do this. I know you can.

How about

–people who drive the wrong way down the parking lanes and then shake their fists at me to back up.

–people who slow down to a crawl before getting into the center turn lane. Hey! Pull in and then slow down! Don’t block the thru traffic.

–people who spell “through” as “thru”

–people who don’t pick a channel or show to watch, but instead go “flip, flip, flip” for hours on end.

–people who run run run in Metro stations because they don’t realize another train will come in about 3 minutes. No! It has to be that particular train! No matter how many people get shoved.

–yeah, and that ice cube thing (good call biotop).

Grammar mavens.

Loud music. I don’t really care what you’re listening to. I could be my favorite song of all time, but if I’m not playing it, I don’t want to hear it right now, and I certainly don’t want to hear the bass line, and nothing else. Turn your fucking stereo down.

People who confuse “you’re” and “your”. Also “there”, “they’re” and “their”. I know this is in conflict with my fist pet peeve listed, but I’m talking about the confusion with entire words. There IS a limit.

Cellphones, conversation, crying babies, ect. in movie theaters. I did not pay $7.50 for that kind of bullshit. Right now, the world revolves around the movie screen, not you. If the world decides to revolve around you at some other time, I’ll be the first to let you know.

People who don’t look where they’re going. This is bad enough when it’s some jackass blocking an aisle with his shopping cart. It’s even worse when it’s someone almost hitting me while driving (I almost got hit the other morning on the freeway because dome dipshit was changing lanes without bothering to look first. HE couldn’t even have claimed to have checked his mirror, since I was even with him. Dumbass).

People who quote someone else’s entire post, especially when said post is several paragraphs long, and they only reply to one part of the post.

People who say they’re going to call, then don’t. On the converse side, people who fill up your answering machine with messages because you didn’t get back to them in time.

When someone wanders into a chat room, and the first thing they “say” is the dreaded “a/s/l”. Why not be different, and try saying “hello” or even “hi” first?

other than that, all of the above, especially willful ignorance. If you don’t know something, that’s fine. But to choose to NOT learn about something, but stil feel you can pass judgement on it, is simply stupidity. In other words:

Unformed opinions that you feel are absolute.

Want to guarentee that you won’t see your project? Keep asking me if it’s ready yet. OK, so maybe you will see it, but it’s definitely going to take longer. So there.