What are your plans for Christmas?

Title says it all. I’m off to Cleveland for Christmas dinner at my gf’s grandparents’ house. :slight_smile:

I always roast a prime rib for Christmas. (Unless I’m not at home.) Other than that, it will be a day like any other non-working day. I’ll watch TV, maybe a DVD or two, surf the 'Net.

I’m really going to be sick of prime rib after a week.

I haven’t decided yet. I’ll either go to my parents or veg out at home. It’s even money either way.

Weather permitting, my parents are coming to our house for lunch and presents on Christmas Eve, then will spend the night with my brother and his family. DH and I will go over there on Christmas afternoon for lunch and their presents.

We’ll open presents with the girls, then head down to Mom’s place with Christmas dinner. We’re bringing everything but the pie. Dinner and presents there, then off to Vegas Wednesday morning for a couple of days. It’s a dead week in Vegas (usually), which makes it easier to get reservations and decent show tickets.

The festivities start tomorrow and end Wednesday night.

We’re planning to invent new mixed drinks. I don’t even drink, but I’m spearheading the campaign!

And we have a half dozen new cheeses and various recipes. It’s going to be a fattening few days. And loud.

Safe travels! Hope to see you at BMalion’s open house!

Just the three of us here for Christmas – me, husband, 12-y-o son. My son decreed that we should have lobster for Christmas dinner. My husband talked him into surf-n-turf: steaks on the grill and seafood. I bought a small lobster tail for my son ($39.99 a pound!), but, not wanting to mortgage the house, it will be crab legs for husband and me.

My Christmas holiday started last night when I got off work. :slight_smile: It’s a very rare 4 day weekend for me so I’m stoked.

This morning I got a “present” from an old friend who’s in town for the holiday. Ooh la la. :smiley: He will be going back on tour for the next two months so I have something to look forward to when he gets back. :wink:

After we said our goodbyes and Merry Christmases, it was off to the mall for me for a last minute gift for Christmas Eve at my Uncle’s. It was busy but not as bad as I expected. Parking was fairly easy with the new addition to the parking deck. I had a $20 limit on the gift and since it’s for Dirty Santa, I had to make sure it would be something I would like or want since I might end up with it. I was looking around Belk, and came across The Aerogarden . I have been wanting one of these for a while. It was on the clearance rack marked 50% off!!! I had the salesperson check the price and it rang up for $70! Since my boss gave us our bonus in Mall Gift Cards, I snatched it up and called my friend who had been wanting one and picked one up for him too. YAY! I was going to buy one at full price, and they are as much as $169 at some stores still. I will set it up a little later tonight or tomorrow.

So I took those out to the car and went back to buy the present I intended to get. Ended up with a cast-iron frying pan, and had it gift wrapped. That was fun. :rolleyes: Macy’s was out of regular boxes, so they had to get creative. I swear it took two people and about half an hour to wrap it. I escaped the mall with minimal damage, then headed to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for the goodies I’ll be making for Christmas. I seem to have an obsession with balls this year.

Here’s what I’ll be making:
Orange Balls
Strawberry Balls
Lime Balls
Cherry Balls (dipped in chocolate)
Sausage Balls
Mini Cheese Balls
and to deviate a little, I’m going to try the Neiman Marcus Bars

I’ve got all the mixtures made already but since they have to sit overnight in the fridge I won’t be up to my elbows in balls till tomorrow. :smiley: I need to go to the HoneyBaked Ham store, but that may have to wait till tomorrow as well. It’s going to be a long day in the kitchen tomorrow.

Christmas Eve, I’ll go over to my Uncle’s house for our traditional steak dinner and Dirty Santa. I only see my Dad’s side of the family on Christmas Eve, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the kids have grown. Man, two of them are teenagers already. Time sure flies.

Christmas morning, I’ll head over to my Mom’s and hang out most of the day. We have the traditional Christmas dinner at my Granny’s house, then open presents and stockings. I can’t wait to have some dressing, mashed potatoes, and my Granny’s gravy. I swear I could stick a straw in the gravy boat and be happy with nothing else.

I plan to relax and enjoy my family and the time I have off work.

Christmas eve I travel north - about 2 1/2 hour drive - to see friends. From there I drive about 2 hours west to see Mom. I spend Christmas day with Mom and drive home that afternoon.

We’re having yum cha on Christmas Eve with my relatives, then playing mahjong until dinner, which will be at a Chinese restaurant, then going back to my cousins’ place and opening gifts. Normally Christmas Day we go to my fiance’s parents’ place to celebrate but this year his grandma is hosting on Boxing Day, so we’ll be heading down to her beach house and having a traditional ham lunch and exchanging gifts, then probably bumming around at the beach.

I’m landing at 8:00 p.m. Christmas Eve from Taiwan by myself (my wife and kids are staying until Chinese New Year) so my priority will be trying to readjust my body clock. I’ll also be setting up my new computer that arrived just before I left 3 weeks ago.

I don’t subscribe to any of the religious trappings but Christmas was usually pretty big growing up and this will be only the 3rd I haven’t spent with family in Canada and the first all by myself so it may get a little depressing.

The kids are back already. We get up at some mutually agreed upon hour, get dressed, and wander into the living room with coffee and butterhorns. The kids (now 21 and 26, and my daughter’s boyfriend too) open their stocking presents, and then we open tree presents - little things hung on the tree. We eat some more. We start opening some real presents. We pause for a snack of shrimp, pepperoni, sausage, celery, cheese and crackers. We open more presents. We stop for lunch - a roast. (We have turkey Christmas eve.) We open more presents. We take naps. We open more, and eat leftover turkey and roast. We finish around 5 if we’re lucky.

Today we cleaned out the garage, which I hope does not become a tradition.

We celebrate and open all gifts on Christmas eve. I have to work but only until two or three. I will have my daughter pick up my mom and her brother around four or five.

We then get some grub and start ripping open presents. That reminds me that I have no clue who is to play Santa this year. I hope the kids remember whos turn it is.

After opening presents we eat some more and get some dessert. I then pack up take home containers for my mom and the kids drive her home.

My son is planning on staying overnight so he can eat the coma inducing Christmas breakfast.

Today, Sunday, My Wife and I are going to my Moms (100 miles). We will go out to eat with cousins, and come back and play games. Open a few gifts.

Monday, we hope to groom my Dads dog. And travel home. Oh, we have a small party to go to that night as well.

On Christmas, I have to change a tire on my plow truck (got a flat yesterday and my jack died on me) and finish up plowing. I also have to come up with a plan to replace all the tires on the truck. Harder than it sounds. Other than that, relax.

Yep I’ll see you at **Bmalion’s ** partay! :slight_smile:

A little unorthodox for me this year – Mr. Del recently started a new job, so he doesn’t have enough time off to do any travel. We will have Christmas Eve and Christmas at home. Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, and then I think Santa is bringing some DVDs we have been wanting so Christmas Day will be a nice breaky and then settling in before the TV with periodic snacks.

On the day after Christmas, I will depart to destinations north to visit with my family. Due to a history of squabbles about which relative would host Christmas, we now run a series of open house/food orgies from the 26th to the 30th, waddling from aunt to aunt and going to trough in a most obscene way.

You didn’t ask about New Year’s, but I’m excited so I’m going to share anyway. On New Year’s Day, we are going to see the Sabres play hockey OUTSIDE, exactly the way hockey was meant to be played, at a ridiculously overpriced venue featuring a rink created in a football stadium for one day only. Seriously, the only way this will get better is if there is a blizzard.

Other than cooking a nice meal, we will be doing as little as humanly posible.

After opening the presents, there will be reading of new books, listening to new music, napping, and then cooking. Of course, the entire day will be topped off with a fabulous meal.

It is just the two of us and we have opted to continue our tradition of spending Christmas at our home alone.

Probably get up around 8 and open presents. Then, go to church. Come home and probably watch some NBA. I’m making enchiladas for Christmas so I’ll start those in the middle of the afternoon.

I"ll probably be off to bed fairly early. I have to work the next day.

I work Christmas Eve, until 11:30pm, which really stinks. My family’s always done food and celebrations on the Eve, so it feels strange to be working.

On Christmas day I’ll be at my boyfriend’s parents’ place for presents and dinner and whatever it is they do.

This is my first Christmas away from home. It’s hard. I know his family loves me and I’ll have a great time, but I miss my Mommy.