What audio download sites do you use?

Looking for a decent audio download site for unabridged novels and such to put on my wife’s new Zune. Figured I’d ask here to see what sites people use.


Check out audible.com. You can buy individual audiobooks, though it’s generally cheaper to subscribe; for 15 bucks a month you get one audiobook per month.

My library has a service that provides audiobooks for lending, but it’s device-dependent; it won’t work with my iPod. It will work with a lot of MP3 players, dunno if the Zune is one of them (for some reason, I think it may not be). But it’s worth checking your library system to see if they offer such a thing.

I don’t know if it’s considered legal “fair use” to borrow CDs, and rip them to the Zune for as long as you have the CDs, then delete them afterward. If it is not, please disregard this!

There are some free audiobook download sites - Librivox is the only one I know of offhand. I’ve never used it.

Thanks! That audible.com looks pretty good. I was looking at http://jiggerbug.com/ as well…but looks like most of their titles are not for download but for some kind of CD in the mail thingy (like Netflix it looks like).


I use Audible to get audio books for my Zune to fill my 1-hour each way daily commute. I’m pretty happy with it. If you sign up by logging in to http://www.audible.com/twit, you can get a free book as part of a promotional offer with the This Week In Tech netcast.

I’d also suggest using Amazon for your music download as opposed to the Zune store. The MP3’s are high-quality and DRM-free.

I love Amazon.com for music downloads. They are DRM-free, high-quality MP3s.

They do not have audiobooks, but they are “partnered” with Audible.com, which is pretty much the de-facto audiobook place anymore I think.

Also worth trying emusic.com, which now has their own audiobook sale service - and they’re DRM-free, which I know is a selling point

Yep, Amazon MP3 is awesome! Huge selection, good prices, no DRM, fast downloads. What else could you want?

And Audible.com is actually part of Amazon now; they purchased a few months back.