What authors have you read, from beginning to end?

JK Rowling
Robert A. Heinlein
Ursula K. LeGuin (includes writing books, essays, and poetry)
Patti Smith
Elizabeth Lynn
Chuck Palahniuk
Dorothy Sayers

A pretty good number of science fiction writers and poets, but these are the people who come to mind initially.

I’d like to read all of Asimov.

Good one. Me too!

Jane Austin
L.M. Montgomery
Laura Ingalls Wilder (including all her newspaper articles that I can find)
Roald Dahl…children’s novels and adult short stories

Heh, I love or have loved most of the authors on this list, but the only two I’ve ever read beginning to end have been H.P. Lovecraft and Alistair Maclean. All the other authors I stopped reading after they jumped the shark. I’m not one much for reader loyalty.

The only author who I’d consider “have read everything” would be Terry Pratchett.

Douglas Adams and Isaac Asimov come close, but I know I’m missing some of their stuff.

The only two I can think of are Tamora Pierce and Naomi Kritzer. I should read more.

Robert Heinlein
Stephen King
John Varley

Henry Miller
Virginia Woolf
Albert Camus
Stephen Jay Gould

Kurt Konnegut
Michael Crichton

Bill Bryson.

JRR Tolkien
Terry Pratchett
Neil Gaiman
Simon Green
Jim Butcher
Isaac Asimov
Lois McMaster Bujold
Neal Stephenson…I think, might have missed a Wired article here and there.
JK Rowling
Kim Harrison
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Jay Bonansinga
Tom Clancy…well I skimmed the non fictions.

H.P. Lovecraft, most all of William Shakespeare, most all of Arthur Conan Doyle. Various authors of smaller output - mostly SF/fantasy - that I read a decade or two ago and can no longer remember.

Jane Austin
Alexander McCall Smith
Ursula LeGuin
Armistead Maupin
Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Florence King
Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine
Peter Straub
(I’m almost done working my way through Mark Helprin and Carl Hiaasen.)

James Wright
Stephen Dunn
Ted Kooser
Richard Hugo
Kenneth Patchen

He was almost on my list, but then I remembered that I haven’t been able to finish Mr. X, despite three tries. I guess I should try again. Sigh.

Looking at some of the other lists, I realize I need to add:

Bill Bryson
Michael Crichton
Kurt Vonnegut
Someone should alert Pratchett about the Dope. There’s enough of us here to qualify for some kind of honorable mention in a book. I see Nobby carrying a pocket version of one of Cecil’s books in his back pocket, and referring back once or twice for pearls of wisdom, while Vimes tells him to put that silly book away, but in the end some nugget from the book saves the day.


Jane Austen
Lewis Carroll (possibly except for some mathematical works)
Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes only)
Robert Benchley (books, but not all published articles)
Dave Barry (ditto)
Douglas Adams
Tom Robbins (I think)
John Grisham (I’m not necessarily proud of this one)
Stephen Fry
John C. Wright
Lemony Snicket
Bill Watterson

and of course: Cecil Adams!

I own all of Walt Kelly’s Pogo books, but I haven’t finished reading them all.

Cymbeline? Coriolanus? Some other? Those are the first two which pop to mind.


Since everyone is bragging about Harper Lee, yes I have read everything by her. And also another Pulitzer Prize winner, John Kennedy Toole. Did someone beat me to it?

Stephen Greenleaf. Own every book he’s written, read 'em all, and most I’ve re-read several times. Like revisiting old friends.

Stephen King… but, no. I didn’t finish either Desperation or the Regulators, was that the title? Maybe I’ll give them another shot. And I didn’t get into the Dark Tower books. But when he’s good, he’s really good. I just re-read 'Salem’s Lot on Saturday.

Ellis Peters
A lot of Anne McCaffrey, but not all. I’m working on it, though.
J.K. Rowling
Margaret Fraser At least up to the latest, I think.
And only because I’m feeling nostalgic lately, Rosamund du Jardin. (blush)

I’m trying to catch up and keep up with Michael Jecks.

But have you read “Last chance to see’ and 'The meaning of liff” ?