What authors have you read, from beginning to end?

That’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

I browse a lot in the library, checking out the new book section, see what looks good, etc. That’s how I discovered Pratchett a few years back. Night Watch was in the new book rack, I read the back cover, said “hoo-boy, fun ride…” and checked it out. I haven’t whipped my way through all of his books yet, but there will come a time.

Douglas Adams - Been through all of the Hitchhiker-related books, as well as Dirk Gently. It started, of course with Hitchhiker, then I said, well, lessee - why not?

John le Carre - Started reading him in college, and just got hooked. Early on, I caught myself up, now I sit and wait for him to pop new ones out and grab them fresh off the rack.
Kinky Friedman** - The Kinkster.

**Christopher Moore **- Ok, I’ll be honest, I’m only right now starting Dirty Job, but in a few days, I’ll chalk him down too.

**Stephen Coonts **- Hey, I like a good war book too once in a while.

Tom Clancy - Ditto, only substitute “big” for “good”
Nelson DeMille** - Started when I saw The General’s Daughter, saw the book somewhere and thought it HAD to be better than the movie. it was, and I was off…

Lisa Scottoline - Lawyers you can like! (Sorry Bricker, we like you too…) Why has no one made any of these into movies?

I also just started the Harry Potter books, because…well, because I wondered. I’m halfway through the 3rd, so any week now, JK Rowling goes on the list.

There’s probably a couple others, but that’s a start. Anyone else do this? Find an author you like and just go running with them>

I’m not sure if it counts as having read everything an author wrote if they didn’t write very much. I mean, I’ve read all the Harry Potter books, and I’ve read To Kill a Mockingbird

Stephen King is one prolific one that I’ve read everything of that wasn’t a really rare limited edition, and I think those all pretty much came out in anthologies later anyway.

Steven Brust isn’t all that prolific but I really had to hunt some of those down the hard way - and of course now they’re all in print and I’m a real snob about it.

There was a time when I could say it about a lot of people that I’m glad I can’t say it about anymore. There was a time when I’d read everything Piers Anthony and Anne McCaffery had ever written. Sigh.

Ed McBain.
Kinky Friedman.
Most of Andrew Vachss.

James Morrow (though I haven’t gotten to his most recent one yet).
Terry Pratchett
Christopher Moore
Jasper fforde (or I will soon).

Mervyn Peake, Tamora Pierce (OMG, Emelan fo’ life!), Robin Mckinley, Patricia C. Wrede, Kate Constable, H.P. Lovecraft, Charlotte Brontë, Juliet Marillier, Edith Wharton, Jacqueline Carey, Emily Brontë, Lloyd Alexander, Shannon Hale, Ann Tyler, Isabel Allende and Jane Austen.

Damn. I can’t think of any others. My brain doesn’t want to work.

Terry Goodkind
Steven Erikson (sort of – his latest book isn’t available in Canada yet)
JK Rowling

I used to be able to add Tom Clancy, Terry Brooks and John Grisham to this list, but they’ve since published more books and I really have no intention on getting caught up with them again.

Douglas Adams
Stephen Brust
Charles de Lint (excluding horor books originally published under a pseudonym)
Jasper Fforde
Neil Gaiman
Patricia McKillip
Christopher Moore
Terry Pratchett
Robert Rankin
Tom Robbins
Sherri Tepper
*all of these exclude the very latest books, i wait for paperbacks.


Larry McMurtry
Earl Thompson (“Garden of Sand”, “Caldo Largo”, “The Devil To Pay”, etc) Anyone here a fan??
Stephen King
Minette Walters (“The Scold’s Bridle”, “The Sculptress” - mysteries)
Kathleen Winsor (yes, there is life outside of “Forever Amber”)


Let’s see…

Stephen King
Robert A. Heinlein
J. K. Rowling

Working on…

Marion Zimmer Bradley
Mercedes Lackey
Charles de Lint
Anne McCaffrey

Oh, and Harper Lee. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just remembered; Nick Hornby, Emily Barr, V.C. Andrews, Helen Fielding, J.K. Rowling, Carson Mccullers, Sue Monk Kidd and J.K. Rowling.

Authors where I have read their complete published output? Where to begin…

Asimov (Now there was an undertaking!)
Robinson, Spider
about a hundred other SF writers

The list goes on past the event horizon. My mother was a librarian, I read over 800 wpm, and I’m addicted to words on a page. If I like the author, I’ll read everything they wrote.

Douglas Adams
Russell Banks
Iain Banks (plus the M stuff)

'spose I have trouble getting past B

Me too. I’m waiting on the hardcovers, and they’re slow in coming.

Stephen King, George R. R. Martin, Ron Hansen, Harriette Arnow, Larry Brown, Owen Parry and Charles Dickinson.

I’m unable to keep up with Larry McMurtry, but I was close for awhile.

If the OP had asked what authors we plan to read, from beginning to end, I’d add Don Robertson, Emile Zola, Margaret Laurence, and Robertson Davies.

Jane Austen
Harry Crews
Jim Harrison
Madison Smartt Bell
Graham Greene

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
William Shakespeare
Victor Hugo
Douglas Adams
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Simon Green
Anne McCaffery
Terry Brooks(god help me, it’s like an addiction to self-flagellating)
Michael Moorcock(everything I can find, but damn he’s prolific!)
Issac Asimov(Ditto, but even moreso)
EE (Doc) Smith (again, what I can find)

I’m sure there are others, but I can’t peruse my bookcase at the moment. Those are the ones with a significant chunk of book shelf real estate.


Hmm, probably just J.K. Rowling for me. I read a lot but tend to sample lots of different authors; I can’t say I’ve “completed” any. I think my wife has read all of Steinbeck. I’m close with Micheal Crichton; in grade school I devoured most of his novels and nonfiction. I gave up on him after Airframe, but to that point I think I’ve read everything he’d written except Disclosure.

The classics (Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, the Bronte gals).

Also every word published by Dorothy Parker, Christopher Morley, Booth Tarkington, Olive Higgins Prouty, 19th century humorist Douglas Jerrold, and modern-day humorists Sean Condon, Augusten Burroughs, Sarah Vowell, Jim Knipfel.

Stephen King
Dave Barry
Dean Koontz and
J.K. Rowling

all spring to mind.

Raymond Chandler, Richard Wright, Stephen Wright, Nick Hornby, Albert Camus, Jim Thompson. Probably a couple others that didn’t do much.

If it wasn’t for Finnegans Wake I could add Joyce to the list, and if it wasn’t for the few dreadfully boring lesser-known plays I could add Shakespeare.