What awful luck with women this poor guy has - or is his bed TOO comfortable?

Police oppose bond for Liebig after 2nd woman found dead at Port Royal home

He has the dick of death.

Talk about a dead f***.

What? Is this guy a long lost Cartwright?

Well, THAT link died quickly…

IIRC, the Weekly World News once touted “the Chair of Death”. Whomever sat in it died soon after.

As it turns out, it was part of a bedroom set.

Beware, for you may unknowingly be the owner of the Armoir of death.

Maybe he is just that good.

Or that bad.
I had a chance to talk to my brother’s ex shortly after their divorce was final. Besides be rather small when erect, apparently my brother did not know how to use what little he had. She said on a couple of occasions when she was really tired, she fell asleep while he was humping away.

Link fixed