What background music should I choose for this 1 minute video?

I own a company that provides a service that lets people capture and preserve their thoughts, stories, and memories from any telephone. There’s a merchant directory that I’ll be listed in that lets the store owners embed a 1 minute video for consumers to play. Most merchants are local, so they talk in their offices, stores, etc.

I didn’t want to do that (and I don’t have an office or store), so I did a little flash movie instead. The movie can be found here: http://www.lifeonrecord.com/flashmovie.html

In reality it will play in a little window that’s 265 x 220 pixels which is why it’s so small. Although I’d welcome feedback on the movie, I’d really like some advice on what background music to play. Since it’s only a minute long, I don’t know if I can get away with using commercial music, or if I’d have to find music which has no copyright.

Thanks in advance.

Find out about the copyright, because that’s key.

But I would pick something optimistic without being sappy. Something in a major key but with an edge and with forward momentum.

Elevator music is your enemy.

How about this…

I found some music on freeplaymusic.com which is royalty free. If you click the link again, you’ll hear the music along with the movie. Do you think it has the right tempo? Do the words move along too quickly to really absorb?


A segment from Ride of the Valkyries is always appropriate.

I’ll have to check it out when I get home, although my home computer has decided that its mad at me and is not speaking to me. Fucker.

I think it’s very nice.

I really like that, it’s optimistic yet… sentimental? Maybe not the right word, but I think it fits well.