What backpack leaf blowers have long " blow tubes "?

Hi all,
I’m planning on buying a backpack leaf blower. Ones I’ve used in the past (either at work, borrowed, or rented) have frequently been non-ergonomic for me to use. Why? I’m not a tall guy (5’10"+) but I’ve found the tubes too short. I’ve had to bend my knees to get the best effect or just make do with less than full power air blowing the leaves.

Here’s the GQ: What leaf blowers are available that have either 1) longer than normal tubes or 2) some sort of telescoping, adjustable tube.

Now to tack on a bit of IMHO: within the subset of the above long-tubed blowers, please recommend one with a good value (I’m poor!).

Most seem short. You can attached PVC piping very very easily to customize the length or other types of piping.

I’d consider buying the best blower, and simply extending the tube myself. It is quite common. It was one of the best tips I read in This Old House mag.

I have a Ryobi (I think, maybe John Deer) gas trimmer with various attachments. The leaf blower/vacuum is suitably long by virtue of being at the end of the trimmer, and works for me quite well at a stature of 6’2".

Philster, thanks for passing on the tip. Any idea what the current ‘best blower’ is?

Balthisar, if a gas trimmer is the same as a weed-wacker, how on earth do you transform it with an attachment into a leaf blower??

The cable that normal turns the weed-whacking attachment turns the turbine that causes massive volumes of air to flow. By putting on the bag attachment and re-routing the airflow, it becomes a lawn vacuum, too. I also have an edger attachment and a small rotary-tiller attachment, too, but the latter’s rough on the clutch.