What Beer To Put In Chili?

I usually use brown ale or stout, but all I’ve got in the house right now is pale ale. Will let you know how it turns out this evening.

Heh, I’m in Western PA, but Lionshead being 13 a case or so (now it’s more like 16), it was the beer of choice for college students who wanted to avoid the major cheap brews.

Huh. People put beer in chili?

ETA: I’ve never heard of this practice but apparently (from this topic), it’s a popular thing.
Granted I don’t make chili for myself that often, I’ve been a part of making it at other peoples’ houses and have never heard anyone mention it.

I’ve used that recipe with both beer and tequila - it does make the chili taste just GREAT - but only for me, others would disagree with me all the time :wink:

My favorite cooking beer has always been Miller High Life. It has the added advantage of usually being available in 4 pack tall-boys.

Well, I made it with Sierra Nevada and it wasn’t as good as my usual chili, but I think that was mostly because the spices are getting old. Ah well.

You forgot some steps:

Step four: ???
Step five: Profit!

I hold to my previous contention, if you can taste the beer, there’s not enough pepper. But I can see that if you don’t add tomatoes, a sweet beer may temper the heat of the chili somewhat. I’ve made my chili with and without beer, and I couldn’t tell the difference, nor could anyone else.

That’s the first I thought of, never tried it but it would almost certainly be delicious. I’d suggest equal parts for the chili and the cook.

I used a Fat Tire in yesterday’s batch. T’wernt nuthin’ wrong with nuthin’ there.

Try cutting up a roast of some sort instead of using ground beef. Cut it up into small pieces Much much better in my opinion. Even better than chili grind.

Beer likely wont be notcable but it sure is sure is fun putting it in there. Adding it near the end of the cooking time will give You the best bang for the buck.


Like beans, ground beef has no place in chili. Roast is good, steak even better - occasionally, some cubed pork roast (along with the beef) for a nice change.

I’ll agree with the whol, non-ground muscle-types of beef, but just like in Goodfellas’s veal cutlet, it has to be cut just right. I’ll eat it either way, but I like a smaller cubed beef in mine. Veal and pork loin sounds like a good addition as well, kind of a kind of a bolognese sauce variation with a lot more chile heat. But give me a chuck roast anyday – I’d eat any decent steak before the chili had even begun. Same with the beer, for that matter, hence the cheap stuff for me, regardless of how much more perception of enjoyment I get from using top ingredients.

Agree with Tripolar re alcohol in a spicy chili – I just think adding whatever makes the whole process a little more fun and maybe even macho. I stand by wine, though – yes it’s kind of French and weenie – but there are a lot more flavor compounds that remain IMHE.

I normally use Guiness, but Busch works quite well as a substitute. Dos Equis and Beck’s Dark might be good for chili, I intuit.

I’d use either one, but don’t think I’d combine them.

OTOH, a nice mid-range Bourbon works very well too. :slight_smile: Elijah Craig 12 year, or similar.

If that’s for the chef, then I agree. Otherwise, it’d get some of my mixin’ bourbon. Beam.

For a beer, a porter is a great choice. Dark, a bit sweet & malty, but low on the hop content.

And a bit of chocolate in the chili, with a touch of cinnamon. Flavors you didn’t know were missing until you add them, and go WOW! :smiley:

No, the chef gets Booker’s or Knob Creek.

Never put alcohol into your food that you wouldn’t serve a guest in your own home, but there’s no need to go clear to the top shelf - Elijah will do. Beam in a crisis. :wink:

Absolutely. Cassia cinnamon and unsweet cocoa powder give the chili a very much southern-Mexico flavor. If you use Dutch (‘true’) cinnamon, be careful - It has a BITE to it, and you’ll want to work up to the proper value. When I’m using the cinnamon / cocoa approach, I drop the citrus entirely, reduce the tomatoes, and increase the roasted peppers - like a molé.

My Father in law really does not cook… except for chili. His recipe is pretty awesome, and I make it every year for the Superbowl party I go to. The recipe calls for “cheap beer”. I usually get something that comes in a large can or bottle (the recipe makes A LOT of food and calls for 36oz beer). That means I usually end up with Bud.

So a 40 of OE? :smiley:

Just made a 4# batch last night with 2 1/2 bottles of Budweiser American Ale as the liquid.

Came out good.