What Bees Be These?

I don’t have a picture because these guys won’t land! Somewhere under a small pine-like tree, little bees (smaller than honey bees) keep flying in and out from a nest in the ground. My wife was stung twice (simultaneously) while doing some yard work nearby.

Could these be hornets? I don’t know what hornets look like, and the pictures I’ve seen do not give me a feel for actual size. There is no tell-tale, typical hornet’s nest. But, what else could they be? [I should add it is too early for yellow jackets. They’re not in vogue yet! :wink: ]

I would recommend posting where you are since there’s a lot of insects out there.

Do any of these look familiar?

Didn’t you catch his location? They’re obviously Space Bees…

I’d put my money on yellow jackets, actually. They are around all summer. They do good by eating other insects and keep to themselves, then in the late summer get a taste for sugar and become pests.
Until the autumn they are mild mannered and don’t bug you - UNLESS you get too close to their nest, which is often in the ground.

Lots more info here.