What book/film contains this rather schmoopy quote?

A friend and I spent half the evening trying to think of the origin of this (vastly paraphrased) scene from a book/film, but couldn’t come up with anything in the end. It goes something like this:

Either two lovers or two relatives are discussing how they’ll soon have to be parted, and one of them says something to the effect of, “Well, don’t worry, and don’t miss me too much. Whenever you’re lonely for me, just look up at the moon, and I’ll be looking too, and we’ll always be together that way.”

That’s the basic idea of it, although we both have only a very vague recollection of this scene and the actual details may differ a fair bit. Any thoughts as to which book or film this is from?

It sounds kinda like something from American Tail.

That’s my reflex answer too …
Cue song :
“Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight etc”

“American Tail”? That sounds like it oughta be one of the American Pie movies.

Sorry, OP, I got nothing—but yeah, that it pretty schmoopy.

It’s something with a father/daughter combination, I believe. On the tip of my brain… can’t… quite… remember… what it is… and I think it might have been a shining star, or stars…

Well, I’m reminded of the lyrics from Gilbert & Sullivan’s operetta “The Gondoliers”. In which the 2 ladies, Tessa and Gianetta, soon to be seperated from their new husbands, sing :

“…And if so be You think of me,
Please tell the moon!
I’ll read it all
In rays that fall
On the lagoon…”

IIRC, there’s a scene like this in the movie Contact.

Yes, in fact it was Jodie Foster that came to mind when I read that, but it seems like I’ve seen something within the past couple of months in which this happened again.

I haven’t seen Contact since it came out, which was several years ago. Unless my brain is haywire and I can’t recall time very well, which could be true, I must be thinking of Contact.

Yes, Fievel Mouskewitz came right to mind.

I think there’s a scene sorta like this in an ep of “Quantum Leap,” possibly the 3rd season opener “The Leap Back.” Sam has just leaped home, and at the end, he is talking to his wife, telling her that they’ll be looking at the same moon (or star).

Huh. And here I thought it was from Seinfeld.

“You’re Schmoopy!”
“No, you’re Schmoopy!”

John Denver comes to mind.

Shanghai Breezes

Pretty sure I just heard it recently in .hack//legend of the twilight. Can’t find any quotes pages among all of the commercial sites google is throwing me, though.