What bosses would be your top "wake up" bosses?

Today’s top 10 list at Gamefaqs is “wake up bosses”, bosses that come along and are difficult. They wake you up from your lazy gameplay and force you to get your act together and try harder.

Their list is:

  1. Murai - Ninja Gaiden
  2. Vanguard - Demon’s Souls
  3. Scarmiglione - FF4 on the DS
  4. Croco - Super Mario RGP
  5. Ogre - Dragon Age
  6. Giant Skeleton - Catlevania Order of Ecclesia
  7. Wendigo - Shin Megami Devil Survivor
  8. Butcher - Diablo
  9. Matador - Shin Megami Nocturne
  10. Brock/Misty - Pokemon Red

Their list is not very good and it seems to skew toward recent games only(well, mostly anyway).

I’d say the bosses that really shook me awake were:

  1. Dragon God - Chrono Cross - Took me 17 minutes to lose every time and was a total pain. I had to wake up and use every bit of strategy for this one.

  2. Yukiko’s Shadow - Persona 4

Wow this one came out of nowhere and it is one of the first bosses of the game. You only have 3 team members and one is weak to this boss’ main attack(fire). Very hard.

Definitely a wake up boss.

I’ll be back more with later. What about you?

Boost Ball Guardian - Metroid Prime 2.

I’d list of why you have to go “oh shit, shit got fucking shitty!”, but the Metroid wiki does it very nicely:

The worst part really is the lack of light crystals/beacons. So even if you avoid all of his attacks, you take damage from the air itself and will die if you don’t kill him fast enough. But, of course, he moves so damn fast and randomly that there really isn’t a way to not get hit by him, so…enjoy!

I don’t see it. Even as a kid I never had trouble with Croco. The real wake-up boss in that game would have to be Yaridovich. It appears at about halfway through the game and is a big step up in difficulty, especially if you try and fight it without the princess in your party.

Much of the difficulty at the beginning depends on your starter. Brock goes down in two seconds with 2/3 of the starters, so I’m not sure that really counts. Misty is definitely a real challenge if you don’t have Bulbasaur.

I second this. A lot of the boss battles in that game are hard, but that battle in particular adds to the difficulty with the amount of chaos going on.

The %#¤@& yeti in Puzzle Quest 2. Whoever thought it was a brilliant idea to give him a 999 damage automatic win spell should be demoted to beta tester.

If Ninja Gaiden is only 10, its a good thing I’ve never played games 1-9…

No love for Lord Nagafen and Lady Vox?

I remember Gunstar Heroes seeming pretty easy until I got to Seven Force. Then it seemed impossible.

Super Metroid: Ridley. All of the other bosses follow a nice, predictable rhythm, and also give you copious opportunities to get recharges, so you can take your time in finding that rhythm. But Ridley moves around randomly, spends half his time off the top of the screen so you can’t even see where he’s going to attack from, and doesn’t have any projectiles you can shoot down.

The original Final Fantasy: The Eye in the Ice Cave, Kraken and Warmech. The Eye and Kraken are both annoying because they’re so variable: Eye leads off with a few kill spells, which either kill you instantly if you don’t make your saving throw, or do nothing if you do, and at that point in the game you can’t get any equipment that improves your resistance to kill spells. Kraken, meanwhile, either uses his Ink spell, which so far as I can tell does absolutely nothing whatsoever (it gives you the “Dark” status condition, which is supposed to decrease you’re chance of hitting, but if so, it’s by a negligible amount), or hits one of your party members eight times for massive damage.

Warmech, by contrast, is annoying because it’s so consistent: Its only choice is to either to attack and do massive damage to one party member, or to (literally) nuke you and do massive damage to everyone. It might not technically count as a boss, though, since you don’t have to fight it (it’s a random encounter).

Punch Out: Bald Bull.

  1. Vanguard - Demon’s Souls - Vanguard is early, and he’s right up front in the middle of his world. The thing is, you’re not supposed to fight him early. You have to go around him, and fight him once you’re ready. And once you are, he’s really easy.

  2. Butcher - Diablo (doesn’t he mean Diablo II?) - “Fresh meat!” - another early boss. And he is tough, because you probably don’t have much gear, you’ve been stockpiling skills/stats for the last 45 minutes before finding him, and you just need to get to that weapon rack. He’s also fast as fuck, and there’s a champion (or two) in the room with him. The thing though is that he didn’t appear out of nowhere, you saw the weapon rack on your map a room or two away, and should have a Town Portal nearby to go back, catch your breath, and stock your belt and spend your points. After that, piece of cake.

No, the analogue to the Butcher in D2 is the Smith. Whom most folks just skip past until they’re well higher level than when they could have first fought him.

Oh right! The Butcher had that room filled with blood and guts and an operation table, right? I can’t remember him being really tough, but I can’t remember specifics about D1. (Other than being awesome, and wishing D2 took a note from their atmospherics.)

Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybBe5gEvZXY
Ah, the days of no quivers… (And try some Hydras, eh son?)

Baigan from the original FF IV (FF II SNES) was a guy I would have a lot of trouble with. He casts Wall (Reflect) on himself, so the easiest way to beat him is to cast Reflect on one of your characters and then bounce a powerful spell off the barrier onto him. But if I wasn’t careful, I’d cast a spell after the Reflect had worn off my character, and end up smiting the poor bastard with a Bolt3 from Tellah.

Baigan was actually the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the OP.

The butcher is pretty easy once you know the trick - close a door and shoot him through a grate. But damn is he scary the first time you see him.

Ninja Gaiden should just say “Ninja Gaiden” instead of a boss name. That game is so Nintendo Hard! I threw my controllers in nerdrage more often about that game than any others combined.

Really? I found Wendigo pretty easy - there are a lot of non-bosses that were harder than him (hate Abbadons…so much)…Never found any of the bosses unduly hard until Kudlak (except for the time Beldr kicked my ass before I could get out of there).

Aaah, Kudlak, there was a boss that required some thought…took several tries to refine the strategy, even.



‘Wake up boss’, not because it was so hard, but because it jarred me out of the normal gameplay mode and caused me to run around aimlessly wondering wtf to do now – the Necrogiant from Painkiller, the game’s first boss. The game, in case you don’t know it, is for the most part a rather well done, but relatively standard first person shooter in which you basically run through (very well designed) levels wasting demons and the like by the hundreds, almost ‘Serious Sam’-style – none of the enemies pose much of a thread, you can blast through almost anything, at least on the lower difficulty settings. Then comes this thing (YouTube video). It doesn’t quite come across, but I’m not sure I’ve ever played another game were the opponent felt that huge – the first encounter, I didn’t even attempt to fight back, thinking that my puny shotgun and that stake shooter couldn’t possibly do any good; instead, I raced around the environment, trying to find some hidden way to trigger something to defeat/weaken the thing, or some weak spot at least, in the process of which I was repeatedly fly-squashed.

That, in the end, just keeping shooting was the way out was a bit of a disappointment, though; it felt like my weapons shouldn’t have bothered him enough to even scratch himself, yet if you keep firing long enough, he eventually just topples over.

Uh, you know I did not make the list, right? I have never played either game.