What breed does this dog look like?

My wife fell in love with this dog’s photo and description.

Looks a bit like a fighting dog, a pit bull maybe? He’s a cute boy, but as dog novices I don’t think we’re equipped to take in a pit.

Pit bull. They can be really sweet. Get obedience classes early and often.

Pit bull, what Beck says. If you don’t think can handle one though, then don’t try. Read up on breeds to figure out what might best match what you are looking for. And don’t forget mutts. They often have great personalities without the physical limits of purebreds. Or consider adopting a senior who needs to be rehomed due to it’s human passing away.

He does not look like a “fighting dog”. He looks like a puppy. Nobody fights dogs that young. They need to be trained to fight.

Definitely American Staffordshire Terrier or American Pit Bull Terrier (often just lumped together as “pit bulls”). Could be mixed with something else. It’s hard to tell. I have literally worked with many hundreds of pit bull type dogs at my local shelter in the last 10 years and the vast, vast majority were amazingly goofy, friendly and very good boys/girls. That being said, if you don’t want one, don’t get one. As mentioned above, if you’re thinking of getting a dog, research breeds and mixes and see what might work for your family’s lifestyle.

If you are serious about it, you should look into your local ordinances about BSL. In my city, you cannot have vicious dogs, and vicious dogs are defined as dogs that have bitten or shown aggression before, and Pit Bulls. SMH

I am not in any way condoning such legislation, just pointing out that it does exist in many areas, and it would suck to fall in love with your new family member only to have the dog warden come and take him away.

Sweet lil pittie.

ETA: when a friend adopted that dog’s twin, she told her vet the dog was a boxer mix. That’s what got put on the dog’s records, eventually on her license papers, rabies certificate, etc. Her dog is a boxer mix.

Maybe American Stafford terrier. Kind of like a pit bull.

Chill. I meant he looks like a breed often trained for fighting. Thanks for the gentle confirmation.

For context, we just had to let go of an adorable golden retriever/german shepherd mix who was a sweet boy who had aggression issues that we just couldn’t manage. We tried training him for confidence but I suspect he was mistreated by his previous owner. Fortunately we were able to rehome him to a couple who took him in spite of me showing them the scars where he bit me and my kids. And it was hard, because I loved that dog, we all loved him in spite of him being a ticking lawsuit-bomb. When he was good, he was good.

So, yeah. I’m a little gun-shy about cute dogs where something else might be lurking under the surface.

I concur - likely Pit Bull. Most are very sweet dogs that want to cuddle and spend lots of quality time with you. If you are interested in the dog, talk to adopting agency and find out if they’ve done any testing to see if he’s dog reactive or cat reactive. I wouldn’t let the breed put you off. Also, as noted, he’s probably a mix. I could make an argument for some kind of hound, just looking at the picture. It’s really best to evaluate the specific dog, and not get too hung up on the breed.

I’m sorry to hear this. It’s so hard to give up a pet.

In all seriousness, I would recommend getting them to sign a letter stating that they understand he bites and may be dangerous. If he does bite them or injure someone else, it should be crystal clear that they knew what they were getting into. No claims that you did not fully disclose.

Thanks, I did do that. Threw up every red flag, showed them the scars, I have an email trail. I still ask myself, what if it was just a puppy phase? He had gotten a lot better, but I couldn’t forget what happened. Next time it could have been an eye instead of a hand or a chin.

Anyway, apparently they decided that dog was basically an exact reincarnation of another dog they lost, and nothing was going to keep them from him. I hope they’re all thriving and getting what they need from each other.

Some kind of mixed breed dog with some component of one or more ‘bully breeds’. If you get it other people may call it a ‘pit bull’, which may or may not have practical relevance for you depending where you live and your situation otherwise (like if a landlord won’t rent to you with a ‘pit bull’, but my daughter’s landlords have had no problem with her apparently close to pure breed APBT, a nice and extremely hilarious dog).

However besides other people’s reactions, there is simply no basis on which to judge a dog’s behavior by its appearance. It’s not that ‘some pit bulls are sweet’, it’s that the whole idea you could predict behavior by appearance, especially for mixed breeds, but even real APBT’s is nonsense. Lots of people think they can judge behavior by appearance, but lots of people think all kinds of BS. If enough of them believe it they convince one another it’s true, doesn’t make it so.

It’s really unlikely that dog was involved in dog fighting. Although, our late Dogo Argentino/APBT was: she was used to breed fighting dogs in her first life. And she was considerably more scary looking than that dog. I recall pondering her picture before I met her wondered how she’d be. But once I met her I knew, gentle and shyly friendly to strangers, then our darling baby at home as she got used to us: in a word, the best dog ever. She just had to be kept clear of other dogs for their safety. And as strong as a truck. That’s a factor, can everyone in the house walk the dog? My wife couldn’t walk our baby by herself. But the dog in the picture looks smaller.

I think pit bulls are wonderful dogs, but this is unfortunately something worth considering. And it’s more than just city ordinances - homeowners insurance can be more expensive if you have one, some dog boarders and day care/play groups won’t take them, some apartments explicitly ban them.

To the OP, I’m sure you’re going to be great dog owners, but I think this dog isn’t right for you if you have doubts and consider yourself novices. It’s not that this dog will be any worse or more challenging than any other random dog. But the consequences of any slip-ups can be much greater. A playful nip at a neighbor from a fluffy mutt is easier to handle as “sorry, she’s just a puppy and we’re working with her to play appropriately.” With a dog perceived to be a pit bull, it might mean a quicker call to animal control. It’s really best for the dog if you go into it knowing how to prevent that situation in the first place.

I’ve spent the last 10+ years working against this stereo, type so it’s hard to “chill”. We’re trying to fight ignorance about pit bulls in the real world, too.