What can be done about small stains?

Lately I’ve been going through a real slob phase. Several times this summer I’ve gotten drops of salad oil or marinara sauce on my shirt at lunch and have to go back to work for the rest of the day llooking like a pig.

Is there anything I can for an immediate fix? Other than keeping an extra shirt in my desk.

I try to dab the stains off with cold water.

This awkward phase in which you spill stuff on your shirt- it ends at age 30, right? Right??? :wink:

My room mate last year swore by Shout Wipes. She always carried a couple in her bag, and, though she spilled more things on herself than I did, never had stains on her clothes. I had the “eh, I’ll get it out later with Dawn and elbow grease” attitude. I ruined two of my favorite shirts that way. :frowning:

I am in no way associated with the makers of Shout Wipes and am not compensated by them for this post.

Soda Water is the best option it works pretty quickly.

Bes tof all try to eat leaning over your food not away from it.

If you have troubles with the stains later White vinegar gets out all sorts of stains.

Baby wipes are a bit cheaper than the actual laundry ones made for the job, try keeping some in your desk or the car? They work just as well for me.

Doesn’t help that ninety-nine percent of the time it falls on the boobage, eh? :smack:

I’m 34 and still dripping, slopping, staining and incurring all manner of unintentional slobbishness, I’ll keep you updated in case it changes with the next birthday Anne. :wink:

Why not put a blazer or light jacket in your desk that you could put on over your clothes while you’re eating? That way, if you spill, it’s no big deal.

Probably no one would think a thing of it, especially once the weather starts getting a little cooler (though air conditioning often makes me long for a sweater.)

I haven’t tried the other suggestions in this thread, but I keep a spray bottle of OxiClean[sup]TM[/sup] ready, and spray it well (depending on what kind of stain, maybe even several times) beginning right away, and usually several days before washing.

I actually managed to get an accidentally laundered-in :smack: tea stain out of a white knit top that I refused to throw out. Of course, I sprayed and sprayed for weeks and weeks.

I haven’t yet used the new OxiClean[sup]TM[/sup] liquid detergent, but I noticed it says not to allow it to dry on the fabric. Dissolved powder that has dried on the clothes has yet to cause me any problems. Of course, I doubt I’d do that with either silk or wool. :slight_smile:

Two words:

Dark clothing.

I don’t wear white. I could work in a clean room and it’d still get messy.