What can be done to protect personal identity, prevent theft?

It was revealed recently, Feb. 25th, that BOA had “lost” and possible theft of the private credit card information for at least 1.2 M federal accounts.

Computer tapes with the data were being moved by air common carrier cross-country. Just diasappeared like routine losses during baggage handling and transfers. It is to be noted that the loss occurred in December about two months ago and the loss is just now being reported.

Such sensitive data should have at least been shipped via FedEx or similar service if not hand carried by special courier!

ChoicePoint, a data-collection outfit, was scammed out of private identity records of more that 145,000 individuals. Theft occurred in October and first reported last month. One person charged, got 16 months.

Stealing our privacy and ruining lives

Why do we not insist that Congress require that all those dealing with personal identity information protect it? Such data is as valuable as the potential loss that misuse can result in.

WAG - It’s the stop sign syndrome.

The stop sign syndrome is where the people who live on a dangerous intersection repeatedly complain to the local government that stop signs are needed to prevent deadly accidents. The local government “experts” don’t see there is a problem and refuse to install the signs. Not until there are one or more deadly accidents does the government magically discover there is a problem and install the stop signs.

Congress might do something, now that 1.2 million federal accounts data are missing, including account belonging to some members of Congress. But Congress being what it is, I venture the bill will get waterted down and end up being a toothless.