What can I do with a pound of cooked spaghetti

…besides putting spaghetti sauce on it? The family has spoken: no more red sauce! But I already cooked the pasta. It only cost a dollar and I suppose I could just throw it out, but other than pasta salad - what else can I put on it?

Stir fry. Fry it up into a noodle pancake and serve with the stir fry.

You can also warm 2-3 T of olive oil with garlic (lots!) red pepper flakes, toss in the noodles and cook until the noodles are warm. Toss with minced basil or oregano and maybe grated Parmesan if you’re feeling daring. This is also good with a few steamed veggies tossed in the mix.

Roast some garlic in olive oil, add a bit of parmesan cheese. Serve.

ftr, we call this “aglio y olio” or “garlic & oil”. Delicious.

Try this Tortilla Española recipe and substitute chopped up spaghetti for the potatoes.

You can freeze it! When you want to eat it, run hot water over it in a collander. It won’t be hot, but the sauce should warm it up.

Make a big pot of chicken soup, loaded with chunks of chicken and carrots, and just before serving, add enough cooked spaghetti to transform it into chicken noodle soup.

Chicken Spaghetti Casserole

Warm it up and toss with scrambled eggs, diced ham, peas and whatever seasoning veggies you like.

This is what I usually do with leftover spaghetti noodles.

Melt some peanut butter and add a little sesame oil. Throw in some chopped peanuts and green onions, and some shredded chicken. Serve hot or cold.

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Mint, fried courgette, crumbled feta, black pepper, garlic and virgin olive oil.

Oh, I forgot about peanutty noodles and the olive oil & garlic, made that before.
thanks for the suggestions!

Beat together eggs, milk, salt & pepper (& a little parmesan & paprika can be nice!). Heat up some olive oil or melt butter in the pan & then fry. Delicious & easy!

Lo Mein!

Just cut it so there’s no long pieces, and use melted cheese and milk to make mac&cheese. Same noodle, different shape.

You can also cut it and then freeze. I do this with excess shell noodles and then add a bit each time I make soup or stew.

Seconded. Fried day old spaghettis (or even better, maccaronis) are even better than fresh ones.

Aglio y olio is very good, especially if you add some minced Thai pepper.

Grill or saute some shrimp in olive oil and butter along with some sliced green onion and a bit of red pepper flakes. Toss the pasta with it. If your family doesn’t like the heat, use fresh (or dried) thyme. Add ground black pepper.

Find a good white clam sauce on the web.

Make a white reduction sauce with white wine and cream, or sherry and cream: add smoked salmon and grated nutmeg and butter. Toss the pasta.

Chicken tetrazzini. Matter of fact, I think that’s what we’re having for dinner tonight.

Top it with Cincinnati chili, shredded cheese, and maybe some diced onions. Delish.


THAT’S what I’ve been doing wrong! I was making chicken tetrachloride!