What can I do with my 2000 Dodge 5.9L?

I have a 2000 Dodge Ram Quad-cab with the 5.9L V-8. I am a man of adequate, but not extravagant, means, and a complete engine re-build is out of the question because this is my daily driver. Basically, I’m looking for weekend projects that can improve performance, and maybe appearance and/or interior, and I don’t know where to look online for a fairly comprehensive set of choices for my Dodge.
Does anyone have suggestions out there?

I don’t know anything specific about that engine or truck but the following applies to virtually any factory stock vehicle. The first two areas you’ll wat to examine are the intake and the exhaust. Using the largely correct ‘engines are air pumps’ analogy, the intake and exhaust are the corks that restrict airflow into and out of the engine. These are also fairly low buck equipment areas and you’ll be able to do much yourself. People performing these mods often report both performance and fuel economy increases. After that, you might look into performance enhancement chips or ECMs.

And you’ll probably want to check out a Dodge and/or Dodge truck forum for specifics. That’s a pretty common motor that was used in the Durangos, the Ram trucks and vans and Jeeps. There should be abundant and friendly help. Also consider joining or simply showing up at your local Mopar club or car show.

Improve the appearance? Get a brush guard. Want to go all the way? Get a light bar. If you get both, make sure to get them in the same finish if possible (black or chrome.) I hate it when all the hardware on a truck doesn’t match, it’s like wearing silver and gold together. My advice? Get black. Chrome is a little gaudy for my tastes.

These two things, a combination of a light bar and brush guard, automatically make a truck more rugged and unique.

The Dodge Rams are great trucks to put brush guards and light bars on because Dodge trucks have more rounded body styles and softer edges, and since most bars are rounded, it fits better aesthetically. A hard-edged, boxy 1990-99 Ford truck doesn’t look as good with big, rounded bars on it. Since the Dodge trucks are so rounded and smooth-edged, feel free to get the biggest, thickest, roundest bars, because they’ll still look good on it. See what I mean?

I know a guy with a bright red '98 Ram 3500, long bed, with a club cab, black light bar with five lights, roll bar, black brush guard, blind-side mirrors, the works. It’s a real beauty. And if he ever decides to sell it, all those extras will make it a lot more appealing and let him charge more money than he could without them.

Well, I have the brush guard - bought it and paid cash for it when I bought the truck (spent extra to get one with a honeycomb mesh that matched the grill, rather than plain ol’ expanded metal) and I’ve got Westin tube steps, too…that looked really sharp when it was all together…
I’ve got a body-color fiberglass bed-cover, though, so a light bar for the bed is out…
For what it’s worth, the truck is maroon (I think MOPAR calls it “garnet”) over silver…
But keep the suggestions coming! Right now, I’m considering an AirAid intake kit and 1" throttle body riser for it…exhaust may come after that…

Still looking for more info, folks…thanks so far!

It sounds like a great truck. Have you thought about getting one of those visors that goes over the top of the windshield? Like this one? I’ve always thought those looked cool.