What can I do with my leaking plastic pond?

I’ve had this outside my kitchen window surrounded by purple fountain grass and have enjoyed it and the water from the fountain many times over. But, the plastic pond cracked on the bottom. Months ago, I tried a combination of electrical tape and duct tape to seal the crack and it lasted awhile. Now, however, epoxy doesn’t seem to help as water still leaks.

So, I’m going to get another plastic pond albeit a smaller one this time. Thing is, what can I do with the present pond short of throwing it away?

As I recall, SOP in these situations where I grew up was to leave the thing on the lawn for months on end, until the crack sort of sealed itself with dead leaves and scum; then the pool would fill up again briefly after a hard rain, only the standing water would be green as lime Jell-O. Then the mosquitos would move in, and then the frogs; and pretty soon an entire thriving ecosystem would emerge out of nowhere. It was actually sort of fascinating. I envy you the opportunity. Be sure to take notes. It’s science!

Don’t use epoxy, use “Goop” It’s tough, waterproof and flexible. Try it before you throw the pond away. Make sure it’s dry before you seal it.

Ya know, I think I may even have some Goop around here. If not, I’ll get some and try it out. Thank you, Beowulff for the suggestion and you too, Terrifel.

Happy to be of service. Another fun use for broken pools is to leave them sitting out on the lawn until all the grass underneath turns yellow and dies. Then you can get rid of the pool, point out the weird circle of dead grass to gullible strangers and tell them that a UFO landed on your lawn. Note: this only works if the rest of your lawn isn’t dead as well.

Or that a giant kidney bean fell from the sky from alien invaders. (The pond is shaped like a kidney bean.)

Kidney bean shaped eh? Stylish.

You could also easily diversify into the baby turtle-selling business. A plastic pool is indispensible for properly displaying your inventory of baby turtles. Even a broken pool can be suitable, as long as the hole isn’t big enough for the turtles to fit through.

Two words, Benjamin: baby turtles.


I actually had to look up what bentonite is. The wikipedia article on it said it “expands when wet, possibly absorbing several times its dry mass in water” which is exactly what I wouldn’t want it to do. Thank you, though, Carson.

I did find Goop at the store earlier today and it seems like it’s “drying” pretty well in place. Gonna let it set until Monday and then test it by filling the tub a bit.

I’ll give an update then.

Melt a plastic bag or hot glue on the crack. Silicone sealant from the hardware store. Clay.

More than 24 hours after I put the Goop on the pond, I partially filled it with water earlier this afternoon. Doesn’t look like the water level’s dropped yet so that’s good news. Thanks a lot to the Dope from a very long time lurker. :slight_smile: