What Can I Do with my United Airlines Frequent Flyer Miles?

Is there some way to transfer them to another airline? Am I screwed if there is a bankruptcy?

What U.S. Airways miles?

Thanks in advance!!

Both airlines are in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but are still operating without effect on the customers. Miles on either airline’s account can still be used on either airline, and United miles can be used on any Star Alliance carrier. You’re only screwed if they fold entirely.

Almost all US airlines are cutting back flights to match demand, though, so it may be more difficult to find flights with open seats to use those miles on.

For other ways to use your miles, check the airline’s web site.

There was an article in USA Today (no linky, couldn’t find it on their site) a couple of months back that tended to indicate that airlines will cut FF miles last. The reasoning is that the very frequent fliers are the very last people that a struggling airline would want to piss off.
The article also mentioned that in the event of United folding that other carriers might pick up the FF miles to try and buy the loyality of these FF.

Yeah, I think you just become another creditor and one way back toward the rear end of the line.

I intend to use mine on All Nippon Airways in May, whether or United survives until then.