What can I expect to pay for the wheel of a 99 alero?

I recently had me power steering replaced in my 99 alero. The odd thing is that I noticed the sensitivity increased 10 fold of the streering itself. Even a slight nudge would send the car into a full scale turn. My first question is: Can the power steering amount be calibrated?

Second, that full-scale turn I was telling you about… well unexpectedly sent me smashing into a curb ruining my tire. The tire popped, the alloy wheel is wrecked and I need a new one.
I have pictures if uploading would help.
Anyway, on the low-high end, what can I expect to pay? I assume I’m going to need an entirely new wheel.

You can find alloy types of wheels typically for around 50 - 100 bucks on ebay. I recently had to replace 2 of them, and found a local uy by me on ebay, so I could inspect before I took payment. He also said he would give a discount if he could take my wheels for salvage, but alas they were too far gone.

Keep in mind if you hit a curb that hard you probably need a front wheel alignment as well.

thank you for bringing up that point… they’re on the rear side… should have mentioned.

No. I assume the steering rack is what was replaced, and I wonder if the wrong unit, or a faulty unit, was installed. Rack replacement should not result in a noticeable difference in steering response. More important, steering should not be that twitchy.

It sounds to me like something is very wrong, and your life is at stake. If I were in your position, I would take the car back, let them know something IS INDEED wrong, and insist they fix it to be safe.