what can I get with a Licence Plate?

At work this car was parked in the space next to mine and this lady gets out and asks for 35 cents to make a phone call so I open up my little change holder and give her the change, then 10 minutes later the parking lot attendent comes into my office and says that he was just returning from the bathroom when he saw a woman taking something out of my car, he didn’t get there quick enough to catch her but he did write down her licence plate number. All she took was my change holder, I wouldn’t even care if she took the change, but she took the plastic holder piece. Anyway on to the question, is there any way I could get her name or address or anything with just a california licence plate number?

If you call the police, they will be able to track it down, especially if you have an eye-witness.

Just out of curiosity: do you not secure your vehicle while you’re at work for (presumably) eight hours?

Well I normally do but I was just going to be 15 minutes then I was leaving so I figured nothing bad could happen in 15 minutes. Obviously that was a mistake as it only take a minute to steal something

Why steal a change HOLDER? That’s just weird.

Well there was a little change in it at the time, I’d estimate about 3.50 or so