What can the BATF be protecting us from?

I’m at a loss. I just got a message from a gun importer saying that they won’t be able to sell surplus gun barrels any more.I just don’t understand their reasoning.
Is everyone in Washington that scared? Of What?
As I understand it the ban includes 8mm Mauser barrels.
Now for anyone unfamiliar with the Mauser this is a weapon used by many countries around the world. It is a 5 shot bolt action rifle. They were military weapons used from the 19teens until after WWII. In the 50s and 60s many were imported to the US and sportsterized for hunting.
Anyone hear of terrorists using Mausers in the 50s or 60s?
Whats so different now?

Apparently this ban was a surprise move by the ATF.
It is effective almost immediately.

Here is a url explaining the ban

Things get banned in the order of least-popular to most-popular to make sure you only offend a small minority at a time. You never want to offend an armed majority.

You never want to offend an armed majority.

Whats really scary is I’m really afraid you’re right.
Why would you need to disarm the public ,which is whats slowly happening.

You’ve been here for 5 years and you don’t know the difference between GQ and GD yet?

Yep. I know the difference.
Apparently you don’t.
If I’d have wanted a debate I would have worded it like : The ATF is a bunch of scardy cats.

I just want to know what they can be thinking.

It can be argued that this IS a general question, but that argument would belong in GD.

He asked for the official justification for a particular ban, which is a general question, but did so in a fashion that might be confusing and contains opinions and bias suitable only for GD.

I have to disagree. I believe this post was a troll. He asked for “what are they thinking”, which would be very hard to answer factually. However, he proceeded to include in his post the factual official justification for the ban. To the extent that there was a factual question, the OP answered it. And answered it very well. The reason for the ban is that there is a law against importing these items. The bulk of the post was an attempt to generate opinions or comments regarding a particular government position-something that as I understand it belongs in GD.

This has been hashed out on the gun boards.

The best theory is this: a law was passed (1999? 1968?) to ban imported guns & components that do not have a “sporting purpose.” When Ashcroft was AG he exempted military barrels and receivers. Gonzales has taken another look at the law, and has decided military receivers and barrels cannot be imported. (This is an oversimplification, naturally.)

IMO, I think this ruling is wrong & unconstitutional. The government does not have the authority to ban a receiver or barrel based on whether or not it has a “sporting purpose.”

Some of these barrels can be nearly 100 years old. Some are shootable but most have been shot out. Its buyer be ware with most of this surplus anyway.

Seems like batf needs to take a look at their definitions of military surplus.
If you can’t wage a war with the banned equipment what is the purpose of banning it?

To those who think this belongs in GD

This is the place to get answers.
GD is the place for long winded knit pickers to get their thrills.
True the BATF will probably not show up here to defend their ruling but there are surely some here that understand whatever they are trying to do.

My WAG is this is a move to prevent importation of parts kits from demilitarized modern military rifles and the fact that Mauser barrels are included is just a consequence of that order being an extension of the '68 GCA. These kits are popuar since they can now be assmebled with new reciever and a specified numer of US made parts which exempts the ban on imported weapons.

FWIW domestically and non-military imported barrels are ordinarily no more regulated in the US than nuts and bolts at the hardware store. The bulk of Mauser rifles were produced during WWII and therefore not considered antiques but these have a special status as “curio and relic” arms and may be purchased by mail by collectors with a ATF issued C&R license.

This kind of sucks because I’ve been trying to build a scout rifle on a '98 action in 7x57 with a military contour stepped barrel. I have a new barrel but it’s 18-1/2", a bit shorter than I was looking for. There are domestic barrels but only in sporter contours so I may have to get one custom turned.

[nipick]nit pickers[/nitpick]

I don’t know jack about firearms, but it appears to me that the factual answer is right on the linked page, as rbroome stated.

“The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has determined that the language of 18 U.S.C. § 925(d)(3) permits no exceptions that would allow frames, receivers or barrels for otherwise non-importable firearms to be imported into the United States.”

It sure sounds like it has been brought to the attention of the ATF that they have incorrectly interpreted the relevant statute, and that they have had to change their practices to accomodate the law.

Before this one goes off the rails any further, let’s move it to IMHO. YOu can still ask quesitons and get answers. And you can get political and even rant a bit. Since the BATF was not likely to send a representative to our thread to answer the question, you guys can speculate all night.

samclem GQ moderator

Since this is now in IMHO it seems to me that would be better if the law was changed to accomodate the relevent statute instead of acting on unecessary rules .
Seems that the new director is just taking the easy way out.

:confused: Uh, “the law” and “the relevant statute” are pretty much synonyms.

I won’t be happy until the BATFE is abolished, the GCA of 1968 is repealed, and the NFA of 1934 is repealed…

Now that we’re in IMHO I just wanted to chime in with my vote that they officially rename it “The Department of Guys”. :slight_smile:

Isn’t the 1934 thing where they said no submachine guns?
To tell the truth I’ve been pheasant hunting with idiots before.
Kinda scary what they might try with a tommy gun.