What can we do with plastic waste?

Ugh… I hate how garbage cans are always overflowing with plastic water bottles!
Why do people need to drink out of bottles when they can get water from taps.?!

Anyway… people won’t give up bottled water easily…

What ways do you think we can use plastic garbage?

Turn it back into semi-raw petroleum.

Some people use it to make art.

When I was in Honduras they had people making really ugly wallets out of old garbage. Seemed like a lot of work to remake garbage. I guess it keeps people busy.

Doing that in my state.

I think this will work better in the In My Humble Opinion forum, since jchoi seems to be looking for recycling ideas.

Because the tap water in my house tastes like shit. I can’t even make coffee with it.

On the news I saw that a company in Taiwan called Miniwiz is turning plastic bottles into plastic bricks. I think they are constructing a building out of these “polli bricks”. I saw that someone has posted about this on treehugger.com
here’s the link:

Use it as a foundation material for a suburban golf course or park. They aren’t much good for anything else, and are pretty benign, so it does little harm.

At the risk of bringing on the enviro-rain…may I suggest that you landfill your plastic waste (if there is no recycling process for it , ref semi-return to petro above).
Unlike yard waste, paper and the like, plastic waste does not decompose into a large volume of gas. It’s much better landfill a stable, long lasting waste. When you eventually build on top of the closed fill, you don’t want all that decomposition going on under your foundation.
People shudder at the horror of landfills. In truth, if done correctly, they are a low impact, stable, inexpensive destination for solid trash.
OK… bring it on.

My city just started a recycling program 2 weeks ago. They gave everyone an 18-gallon box and instructed us to put all glass, #1 and #2 plastics and food-container metals in it.

So far my roommate and I have managed to fill the box to overflowing both weeks now. I had NO idea how many recyclables we were throwing away each week before this.

Weird thing is, neither of us drinks bottled water. And no, it’s not all beer cans either :stuck_out_tongue:

Our company takes waste PET and reworks it into a thermoset resin.

Plastic to plastic, but it’s still recycling.

The idea of all that waste just makes me feel sick and weak…
I got a plastic anemia!

What I hate is no one takes all the other types of plastic. 1’s and 2’s are just a small part of all the plastic we use.

He’ll be here all week folks!

I think there should be other kinds of materials that should be able to take the place of plastics. Would you think that plastics are easier to produce than metals or glass?

Believe it or not, I understand that plastic packaging saves millions of dollars in transportation costs each year. Since it weighs less than glass, much less fuel is used in the transportation of goods. Where we fail is that most people don’t even attempt to recycle the plastics that they use.

would it be worth it to have a sort of reward system for recycling your plastics?
whis would probably help motivate people to recycle plastics!

Stop using so much!

Back in the 60s, there was much less packaging of consumer goods.

Many times, including the toys I remember from my boyhood, were sold openly, from bins.

Like, reduce consumption, reuse containers again, and recycle what we are done with? Hmmmm…

I could see possibly returning to the deposit system that used to apply to glass soda bottles. Think they still do that some places, there was a Seinfeld episode about it. Maybe slap a dime deposit on the two liter size, a nickel for 20 oz or water bottle size…

“Dogpatch” is discussing this.
Might happen.