What Can You Do With Parmesan Cheese Rinds?

I have saved them…are there any recipes for using them? I have heard that you can make a soup with them…any recipes available?

I once had a girlfriend who fed them to her dog. Honestly! :smack:

If they’re wax (which I suspect they are), I know of no other use for them, except making candles. :confused: :frowning:

Never heard of the soap, and it doesn’t sound all that pleasant :slight_smile:

Rinds are used for flavoring, let a chunk float in some soup while it’s cooking. And some people just grind it up and use it like the rest of the cheese.

They’re just the hardened edges, no wax. Use them in soups, stews, and sauces where that cheesy umami flavor might be desired.

Soap? Was that mentioned and edited or am I missing something?

Looks like he meant soup. Makes a lot more sense.

Before I even saw soup mentioned that is what I was going to recommend. We love it that way and have to cut up the rind post cooking into sections to dole out into everyone’s bowl otherwise a fight ensues for the gooey chewy goodness: White Bean and Kale soup You can put as much cheese as you have available. Other than the cheese, it is also about as healthful as food can be!

I’m still confused. He wrote soup not soap.

I must be confused. I thought he wrote ‘soap’ to start with, but I don’t see that the post was edited.

I eat them. Is that wrong? Now I’m nervous.

Nope. It’s just dried cheese.

I read it as soap too.

If Parmesan can be grated on top of the dish, then the rind can go in the pot. Minestrone, escarole, spinach, various bean soups, etc. will all benefit. Slice ‘em up, so you get maximum flavor leaching into whatever it is you’re making. Now, if you’ve got a prosciutto butt, we’re REALLY talkin’.

That’ll be a buck.

Well, I do have a prosciutto butt, but in these pants it hardly shows.

Bizarre - I read “radio”.

I get it.