What can you make with cube steak that isn't chicken fried steak?

I saw a family sized package of cube steak and was tempted to buy it but couldn’t think of another thing to make with it besides chicken fried steak. Any good recipes for the next time I see this bargain at the butchers?

Swiss steak.

yeah, I know he uses bottom round, but it works fine with cube steaks also.

Pretty much anything that has a “comfort food” quality to it. Salisbury steak, stroganoff, that sort of thing. Really, think of just about any beef recipe and there will be a cube steak version out there on the interwebs. The only constant will be that cube steak generally requires plenty of time to cook and get tender.


Crock pot cube steak and gravy

Ready when you get home from work.

Smothered Steak is yummy. Caramelized onions and brown gravy.
Pepper Steak. Bell peppers, onions, mushrooms in a light brown sauce with soy.

Whoa, thanks!

Those two are exactly what I do with cube steak most often. Yum yum, especially with a Cajun/creole sauce.

Stir-fried beef with vegetables & rice.

I believe this is the one I’ve used before, and it is AWESOME. (And it totally looks like somebody already ate it.) I do it with egg noodles.

Hell to the yeah! These are standbys. Infinitely adaptable to whatever you have on hand.

City chicken? (It’s usually made with veal or pork, but I imagine steak might work)

There’s a German dish where you wrap up up carrot slices and pickle with cubed steak and cook it a mushroom sauce (or cream of mushroom soup) that’s pretty darn tasty.

Can’t remember what it’s called though.

I assume it’s a form of rouladen. I still remember as a kid being perplexed when I was served that for the first time on a Lufthansa flight in the 80s. Beef wrapped around a pickle?! But quite tasty.

Beef curry?

I use this marinade (minus the salt because that’s just ridiculous), and then I grill them.

Whenever my mother had a chance to buy a bargain beef, she made stew or soup. I was a kid who didn’t like meat, but I would usually eat the beef stew or the soup. Sometimes she made matzah ball soup with sliced beef instead of chicken.

I’m a vegetarian, so I can’t vouch that this is exactly the cut she used, but I think she used a lot of different cuts, depending on what was available.

Also known in America as “chicken fried steak”.

In N’Awlins, they make grillades out of round steak. Which is unmacerrated cube steak, cut into strips or paillardes. The recipes go all the way back to the Picayune Creole Cookbook of 1901, which is one of the few cookbooks that old that you can still use everyday now.

You can salt and pepper them and fry them and eat them plain as a breakfast side with your eggs and toast, or braise them in a gravy with vegetables and scoop 'em over grits (or rice or mashed potatoes or noodles).

Exactly. Although I’m more likely to use pork or chicken cutlets in schnitzel. Of course, the original was veal.

The Argentineans, who seem to eat nothing but beef, call their round steak schnitzel Beef Milanese, a reminder that nearly all civilized peoples like to eat breaded meat fried in a pan.