what causes grumpiness?

What actually causes grumpiness after lack of sleep, or when just waking up from sleep? Is it a neurostransmitter or endorphin thing?

This came up not to long ago. I beleive the consensus was that sleepy people lack the energy/whatever to perform complex and subtle social interactions. (Hell I can barely make cognizant sentances) Therefore they tend to take a less demanding (mentally) approach. If someone/something is determined to be “bad” or “unsafe” etc then our sleepless wanderer will freak out (scarrying the bad thing away) or stay sheltered (ignoring it). People are kind of in a more primal state, like chimps or something. Either things are good & safe like sleep, bananas or coffee, or they are bad, like bitchy customers/bosses or people waking us up.

What’s it to you?

Allergies are a good grumpy maker too.

      • Well, sometimes spending too much time with bars will do it. Who was that Phineas (I thinks) guy who had a bar shot through his head while blasting, and from then on he was grumpy the rest of his life?..


Or to be more precise my Mother’s nagging whinging, cribbing and moaning about anything and everything all the fecking time :mad:

**what causes grumpiness? **


A slight departure from the OP, but what causes grumpiness? irritation? I have to believe it’s some sort of survival factor, since everyone seems to have it, but there are things–particular sounds, for instance–that just set my teeth on edge to the point where I want to crush/destroy whatever is making that sound. Why should that be so? Back to the OP: it’s worse when I’m tired.