What causes my torso to drop in temperature after exercise?

Though I’m a lazy bum, I still try to do an hour on the treadmill every day. I notice that, after I finish, my chest and abdomen frequently feel considerably cooler than the rest of my body. Anybody know what causes this?


This is in the wrong forum.

But to answer your question, cancer.

From the workout, your arms and legs are warmer due to extra heat from muscle use. Your torso is comparatively cooler due to less muscle mass and less use (and possibly a larger coat of fat, but I don’t know you). Your whole body will sweat, but less on the abdomen due to your body shunting blood to your working muscles.

Large increments in cardiac output and compensatory vasoconstriction in the abdominal viscera make these vascular adjustments in work possible without circulatory embarrassment.

tl; dr: Your body lets open the blood gates to where it’s needed most, to the muscles that are working and making heat. Your gut is not the major concern now so it gets less blood, so it’s cooler.