What causes numb hand?

You know, when your hand goes numb for like an hour or so, and you’re not having a heart attack.

I think this is related to the “bloody eye” syndrome, you know, when your eyes start bleeding and there is no pencil in them.

Really, you are going to have to provide more details. Normal people, so far as I know, do not have parts of their body go numb at random times. Are you overweight? Was there some injury to your hand? What are the circumstances surrounding the numbness?

Well, since this thread’s already here, I might as well ask:

Does anyone know why my hands sometimes go slightly numb after using equipment that causes vibrations in my hands (like a lawn mower, leaf blower, or weed eater) for an extended period of time? It doesn’t happen every time, and it never lasts very long, but it’s a bit annoying. It’s also usually accompanied by slight weakness in my hands for the duration of the numbness.

IANAD, or even vaguely qualified to answer medical questions. The symptoms of my herniated disc include no pain whatsoever along my spine, but occasional numbness of a couple of fingers and the thumb on my left hand.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Office workers call it it RSI and claim compensation.
Proper workers just accept it…
Thinking of Sueing?

Well, for one thing your link isn’t about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, as far as I can tell.

For another thing, it’s not just office workers who “call it” RSI and claim compensation. I worked in the retail food industry for almost two years, and operating a four-group manual espresso machine (as opposed to the push-button models they’re now installing to combat CTS) for hours on end gave me Carpal Tunnel Syndrome so bad that it hurt to so much as pick up an empty soda can. I was on disability for more than a month before I went back to work, and my doctor was reluctant to give me the go-ahead to work again. If you’re implying I’m not a “proper” worker that’s a subject for another forum.

Numb hands, assuming they’re not extremely cold, are usually due to a nerve getting pinched somewhere. It it’s pinched in the wrist, it’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but there’s other ways those nerves can get pinched.


It could be Gin Drinker’s Arm.