What Causes the "Elmer Fudd" accent?

I will assume you all know who Emer Fudd is. Bugs Bunny’s rival…

In real life what causes a person to talk like Elmer? Is it similar to someone who lisps. And can it be corrected.

I’ve heard it was labiovelar.

Bob Cousy disease.


There are various forms of Elmer Fuddism. I share one with Tom Brokaw – a “w” in place of “L” in the middle of a word. I received fairly intensive speech therapy for this when I was younger – exercises of repeated repetition to get my tongue to form the “La” sound rather than using my lips to form a “Wah”.

In my case, there’s nothing organically wrong with my ability to form sounds. It’s a “lazy tongue” and the treatment is continued drilling.

Move to Pittsburgh. No one will notice a thing. :wink: