What Causes The Inexplicable Shudder?

You know those- just out of the blue for no reason a strong shudder will go through your body. You’re not cold, you didn’t hear a noise like nails on a blackboard, or see anything scary. It’s said it happens when someone walks across your grave, but I plan on being cremated, so I’m pretty sure that’s not true. :wink:
Does anyone know what causes this?

One thing that causes it is tension. Some people experience less shudders if they learn how to do relaxation exercises.

If I’m in a warm, relaxed setting I’m more apt to experience them. I can sometimes do it on command by stretching and curling my body, especially when I’m sleepy and in a comfy bed.

Potentially TMI ahead…

It’s a delicious wave of tingliness that goes up and down my spine – it feels very similar to the ‘waves’ from an orgasm, although weaker, so I personally rather enjoy them. Am I a friggin’ weirdo or can anyone else relate?

The human body is a strange machine.

I am a freelance scientist, and it is technically known as a judder.

What does a freelance scientist do?

(Nice one PM.)

Also occasionally occurs after 60% of gentlemen’s urination, and is known as “piss shiver”.

Not just gentlemen’s, jjimm. :slight_smile:

And I believe a freelance scientist performs random acts of science, all willy-nilly.

I beg your pardon. I believe you refer to post-micturition convulsion syndrome.

Ah yes. I… er… didn’t want to blind people with science.

I’ve always called it “pigeon shivers”. I don’t know where I heard that.

Loss of body heat for some reason or other

My girlfriends shivers a lot. They occur randomly, appearantly, but I can bring one about if I slowly stroke her hair for instance. She has maybe five a day or more.

Shes thinks its a form of epilepsy but I dont know.

I’ve heard it’s a symptom of Dope overdose.

No, I’ve had these long before I had the Dope.

I’m willing to believe it’s a function of the central nervous system to discharge tension, as engineer_comp_geek suggests. It does seem to fit with the way my CNS works.

Um, excuse me. You’re all wrong.

It’s a goose walking over your grave.

Savannah posted smugly, then re-readed the opening post, her face sinking into a chagrined expression. She quietly rose, and slunk from the room.

Savannah posted smugly, then re-read the opening post, her face sinking into a chagrined expression. She quietly rose, and slunk from the room.

Internal thermostat going cccCHNK the way the old hosehold models used to do.

Excuse me, but if Cecil couldn’t figure out piss shivers in 1994, why on Earth would anyone still be trying to figure it out now? Start a new thread on a new topic, for god’s sake.

I know about piss shivers- I’ve witnessed them in all 3 of my boys when they were babies. This is definitely not what I’m talking about, especially since I’m not urinating when they happen. And if you’re unhappy with the subject of a thread, just don’t click on it.