What causes thunder?

Well, I know that lightning does. But how exactly? Right now it’s majorly storming out there and the peals of thunder are defeaning. So how does lightning cause the booming sound?

Because lightning is stupid hot!! It superheats the surrounding air causing all the air molecules to accelerate past the speed of sound - causing a sonic boom.

Don’t worry. A smart person will be by shortly to give you a really good answer.

That’s basically it. Air expansion along the path of a lightning bolt. Online dictionaries are your friend.

And you can win $78,000 in a bet, if you’re lucky, but that was a different thread.

Oh yeah, that’s one theory, but it’s just a theory; there’s no credible evidence to prove that it isn’t actually the hammer of Thor.

My mother always told me it was angels bowling.

Or Grandma moving furniture around up there.