What celebrities have been in US military special forces units

The only ones I know of are Ice T who was a Ranger and Jesse Ventura who was a navy seal. There have to be others, but I do not know of any.

Damn, sure didn’t know that. Wonder why he was such a dick after he got out, with that Cop Killer crap.

Wasn’t Jaime Heineman (sp?) from Mythbusters in Spec Ops?

He said he disliked the military and didn’t like authority figures always yelling at him, so I guess I can see why he wrote that song.

Well, that doesn’t exactly square with becoming a Ranger I wouldn’t think, which would invite even more of the same?

NFL player Pat Tillman enlisted in the army after 9/11 and became an Army Ranger. He was killed due to a friendly fire accident in Afghanistan.

Is there anything definitive saying that Ice T was in Ranger Battalion, or ever completed Ranger School? I’m having serious doubts about either.

Info Please, and Wikki both have blurbs on him. He served 4 years in the Army, including being qualified as a Ranger. Don’t know his deployment record. He said he didn’t reenlist because “The Army is good place to find out you don’t want to die.”

It is doubtful that the many vocal opponants to his life, and opinions would have failed to reveal any fraud in his military history.

I don’t think much of him, personally, but he did serve, and evidently earned the ranger tab, which can’t be done administratively.


I always thought the whole Cop Killer thing was just an act. After all, you’re talking about a man who for the past five years has made his living playing a cop on TV.

By the way, in addition to being a singer/songwriter, actor, author, Ranger, the man was a bank robber, pimp, and gang banger.

I don’t find him the stuff of role models. I don’t doubt the Ranger thing; almost all the rangers I ever met were arrogant, violent, and not particularly set apart from others by their intellectual or philosophical achievements. They were all tough bastards, though.


Here’s the thing.
There’s only three types of people who go to Ranger school in less than 4 years of service.

  1. Rangers. None of the sites say anything about him being in Ranger Battalion. The ones that actually mention a unit, say he was with the 25th. So he’s not in this category.
  2. Officers. Biographies agree that he enlisted after High School. So, no college = no officer.
  3. Very extremely motivated and exceptional soldiers. All the biographies claim he hated his brief service in the military. So that seems to contradict this category as well. But I guess it’s possible.

I just don’t see it. And, really, I dont like OR hate the guy. I couldn’t care less. I’m just saying there is little to back up the claim other than I think maybe he said it one day and it gets repeated all over the place. But there isn’t anything at all more specific than “Ranger”.
Either way, he most definitely did not serve in a Ranger Battalion, so that excludes him from the OP’s requirement of special forces “unit”.
He may or may not have been to Ranger school, though. I certainly have my doubts.

Wait, I thought Jesse Ventura wasn’t exactly a SEAL, it was found out?

This guy claims that Ventura was technically not quite a SEAL but part of a similar team called UDT.

Jimmy Hendrix did a stint in the airborne

Tiger Wood’s father was a Special Forces officer and a Vietnam veteran.

I don’t think Jamie from Mythbusters was actually in the special forces, I think it is just a joke Adam makes on the show.

Ok, so I posted the Hendrix bit based on an everybody knows it. So a quick check at wikipedia says that he wasn’t very successful in the 101st, and wouldn’t have qualified as special forces, sorry for the ignorance.

Well, that’s another thing, too: what are we referring to as “special forces units”? That has a specific meaning in the military (thus Hendrix was a paratrooper, but that’s not SOF, just a different flavor of soldier). What is called that has varied throughout the military’s history and there wasn’t always a Special Operations command as such.

Kris Kristofferson went though airborne, ranger, and helicopter pilot school. He made Captain before deciding to resign his commission and pursue a music career.