What celebrities have turned up in your dreams?

I had a dream last night in which, among other oddities, I checked into a hotel (I believe in Florida- it was on the beach anyway) and the desk clerk was Steve Landesberg, bka Dietrich from Barney Miller. I can’t remember the last time I even thought of this guy- it certainly wasn’t before going to bed last night. In the dream he was Steve Landesberg, because I remember thinking “I guess the Barney Miller money is long gone”.

I’ve had dreams in the past that had the Olesons from Little House on the Prairie, once I bought a car from Mr. Drummon from Diff’rent Strokes, and another time I rented a room in my house to Lucy Liu (can’t remember if she was Lucy Liu or a character played by Lucy Liu- either way I seem to recall she was a good roommate). I’ve no idea the significance of any of these people or why they showed up in my dreams; perhaps I just fell asleep with the TV on and they “crossed over”, but I didn’t last night (and don’t even know what Steve Landesberg would have been on if I had since I usually have it tuned to CNN or NatGeo when I leave it on “sleep timer” and unless he died (doesn’t appear to have done so) or happens to be an expert on lunar impact craters I can’t think of why he’d be on either. (He’s in that class of celebrity that generally has to shoot their wife in suspicious circumstances or claim to be Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby’s father in order to get on the news, and then it’s only good for 5 minutes a week and maybe a Larry King show after the trial.)

So what celebrities have you seen in dreams? And in what contexts?

I had a nightmare once in which Danny Bonaduce was trying to kill me. Don’t know where that one came from.

During the height of my devotion to House, I met up with Hugh Laurie in House mode outside the “Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital”, just like in the show. That’s when he told me he loved me and I said the feeling was mutual. That’s as far as it got. :smack:

I had a dream once that I sold a car to Cristobal Huet. Hockey players show up frequently in my dreams, but it’s mostly just for sex. :slight_smile:

I can’t recall having any celebs in my dreams except for a few weeks ago when I had two dreams in one night with Alyson Hannigan in them.

Nothing spectacular happened between us (dammit), but we seemed very close and familiar with each other. Even in my dreams, women are “only friends.”

I want a do-over.

I once had a disturbing dream involving Alan Alda as Hawkeye from MASH. It was very odd and I’m still working on forgetting it.

This really depends how one defines “celebrity”. For example, I have a former room mate from several years back who has since gone into the film industry. You probably won’t find much of her stuff at your local video store, unless you frequent a video store with one of those “back room” areas; however, any aficionado of these sort of films has almost certainly heard her name (or… uh… so I’m told… or something).

Anyway, standard celebrities hardly ever show up in my dreams, but my old roomie pops up with frightening regularity…

I once dreamed that I was on a bus, sitting across the aisle from Nichelle Nichols, and I asked her if she remembered singing “Beyond Antares” at a convention in Toledo.

I often (well, a couple times a year, maybe) have dreams featuring Trent Reznor, either as himself in dreams related to his music, or just as the “actor” for a character in an unrelated dream.

I know that I have also had dreams with TV characters, usually from shows I saw that day or in the couple of days previous, or if I’m anticipating an episode or a movie or something.

I’ll probably remember a few more after I hit submit…!

Just the other day I had a dream that I was hanging out in a junkyard with Peyton Manning. Just shooting the shit and whatnot. He lived there. After awhile, Archie came by and offered to give us a ride into town. Peyton went with him, but I declined, because I found my old motorcycle in the back of the yard. Peyton told me he didn’t steal it, but was holding it for me.

Sure. I know he wanted to keep it. :smiley:

Last Easter whilst camping (I’m still trying to forget it) , I had a fairly drunken nap, during which I dreamed I was Tommy Lee Jones’ girlfriend and if I displeased him, out came the anal lube. On not such a wierd note - my husband once dreamt I’d arranged a horse-drawn carriage ride for him and Mel Brookes. And Julieanne Moore was his girlfriend. Yeah - I think I’d swap celebrity dreams with him!

Just the other night I dreamed I was hanging out with Brad and Angelina. They were surprisingly nice and laid back! :smiley: I have no clue why they made an apppearance.


Have had dreams in which I:

Got a lift from Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, who were going my way anyway.

Compared notebook doodles with Ollie North at the Metro Center station while waiting for our train after a really boring meeting (!?!?!)

While backstage at some sort of public event awaiting introductions, flirted with Denise Crosby.

I once had a long, involved dream involving me and Steve McQueen fighting zombies in a library. Zombies that were also somehow Communists.

There was also the time I was trying to buy sandwiches for the cast of Angel (who were waiting in the car outside) - someone cut in line, and then the cashier yelled at me, and nobody got sandwiches. Then David Boreanaz gave me a hug.

There was this girl I knew about a year ago.

She was 20-years-old, smokin’ hot, and liked older guys. Her first boyfriend was 27 (she was fourteen). Her current husband (at that time and on the way out) was 34. And her first husband was 52 (I was 58 at the time).

Anyway, I toyed and toyed with the idea of becoming involved with this girl and finally decided “What the hell, you only live once”, and decided to make my move.

She suddenly disappeared and I never got the chance.

So, a few weeks ago I’m standing in line at the checkout stand of a suburban grocery store and who comes up to say hi and cast yummy flirtatious looks my way?

Yup! It’s her, and she’s still cute as hell.

So I pay for my stuff and stand there talking to her for a while. She tells me where she is these days and asks me to come look her up.

I fight the good fight and don’t do so 'cause I know no good can come from it. It’s hard, but I hang in there and I haven’t seen her since.

So a few days ago, I dream that I’m living in the apartment complex where I lived 35 years ago, and guess who I’m living with?

Yup, you got it! It’s her, and we’re deliriously happy!

Then guess what happens? *George fuckin’ Clooney * comes to live in one of the apartments down the way, and off she goes!

What a fuckin’ pisser!!!

And that’s the only time I recall a celebrity appearing in one of my dreams. :smiley:

For some reason I remember celebrity dreams more than others.

I dreamed about 20 years ago that I sold my soul to the devil. He was Andy Warhol. I told him that I thought he would look like Chuck Berry, and he replied “Not today, kid”.

A few years later I dreamed that I was working an undercover mission as garbage collecters with Johnny Depp. Paul Winfield reprised his role from Terminator as our boss. Johnny stayed in the background and let me do the arrest. I was pissed at him for letting me do all the work and take all the risk.

A few years later I dreamed that I was in a mafia crew with Bruno Kirby and some friends of mine. Fat Johnny (a friend of mine IRL, and a very nice, kind, friendly and loveable guy) was our boss, and in the dream he was one scarey son of a bitch. Nobody called him “Fat Johnny”; if you knew what was good for you, you would say “Big Johnny”. We were sent to whack my adopted cousin Ron for trying to rip off Big Johnny, and Sandra Bullock was his sister. Sandy comes into the place we were and all I can think is that I really want to have her; I have a really sharp looking movie gangster suit, a big wad of money in my pocket and I know I can charm her out of her pants over dinner & drinks tonight. Bruno starts bragging to her that we’re wise guys, and we shook down so-and-so, we’re running a protection racket on such-and-such, and we’d just finished killing her brother and Dale & Mikey were taking the body to X place where it would be pulverized & made into dog food. Since this dumb ass confessed to murder one to the sister of the corpse, I had no choice but to put a bullet in his forehead right then & there. Sandy sees this & runs, so I take off chasing her. I was pissed that I’d have to kill her, since I really wanted to fuck her.
I’ve also had recurring dreams that I’m hanging out with Al Jourgensen and Charles Manson, but I don’t really like either of them and only tolerate their company until I can politely leave.

I don’t often dream of celebrities but in the past year I’ve had *three *dreams about Barack Obama – nothing too interesting, mostly I just know that he’s in the next room.

Erm, yes, I’ve dreamed of Denise Crosby too, but not the ST:TNG Denise Crosby…instead it’s the Denise Crosby of *Trekkies *and Trekkies 2. And no, it’s not just because when I look up “MILF” in the dictionary…

I was in the green room of some minor-league local talk show and to pass the time told a long and funny joke to fellow guests Robin Curtis and Parker Stevenson.

I wrote down the joke when I woke up.

In my senior year of high school (1988) I had a dream that I went to the prom with Madonna. And the band playing the prom was Def Leppard. Except, in my dream, instead of the drummer only having one arm, it was one of the guitarists (don’t even ask me how that was supposed to work).

More recently, I had a dream I was hanging out with Jason Bateman - we’d met when we both came in to teach a Boy Scout troop to tie knots or some shit. He was very cool (in my dream, at least).

Let me guess, the punchline was “The Aristocrats!”

I posted a thread a while back about my dream that my family hired Carol Channing as my dad’s hospice nurse and she stole the family fortune.