What celebrity who has never hosted SNL would you like to see host?

Exceptions for celebrities who hosted decades ago and haven’t since. Let’s keep this to people who would realistically be invited to host (No Kim Jong Il, for instance, though that would be an epic show)

Partly inspired by this newstory about a Facebook campaign to get Betty White to host.

There are 2 or 3 people who I would LOVE to see host. Larry David, Seinfeld, or Howard Stern.

Larry was a writer on SNL and apparently did his infamous quitting-and-coming-back-as-if-nothing-happened thing there. I imagine his opening monologue would be absolutely to die for. He would probably want to do something like Curb where he plays a more extreme version of himself, and I could easily think of hilarious skits in which he points out the ridiculous foibles of the characters (Larry David in a MacGruber skit: “What do you need this pencil for? How are you going to defuse that bomb with this? I’m telling you, I really can’t see it, don’t you want this set of pliers instead? Hey wait, this door’s unlocked…”)(if you thought that was bad you should be glad I didn’t post any of my rejected ideas! :D)

Howard Stern I think would be less funny but supremely uncomfortable and memorable. His schtick isn’t really suited for skits, he’s much more likely to mess things up. In fact, if he ever hosts, I predict he goes off the script and just swears for an entire segment, just to see if he could get away with it. No musical act for that episode either, just dancing strippers. Plus, he comes with his own cast of characters so maybe we’d see appearances by all kinds of nutjobs interrupting skits. I will go out on a limb and say this would be the highest rated SNL in a long time

My choices/wishes

Clinton, Daddy and/or Baby Bush

Jim Carrey

Charlize Theron

**Shaquille O’Neal **(He balls better than Barkley and has some acting chops :eek: having starred in two :dubious: films)

Conan O’Brien

Paul Mooney

Conan has hosted. It was much better than average.

The head of Richard M Nixon.

Steve Martin. :wink:

Jerry Seinfeld hosted SNL April 18, 1992. And again October 2, 1999 which led to the hilarious Seinfeld in Oz skit.

Jim Carrey hosted, in either 1995 or 1996.

May 18, 1996.

And just so it doesn’t get too tedious: a list of all SNL episodes with their hosts and musical guests.
ETA: Charlize Theron too…November 4, 2000

SNL hosted by Betty White could be funny. Imagine a Golden Girls sketch with White, Fred Armusen, Wiig , and Keenan.

I was just thinking of someone who should host recently but I can’t think of who it was now. I would like to see just about anyone from any sci fi show: Ben Browder, Jack Coleman, David Tennent, or Kattee Sackhoff just to name a few.

After seeing SNL last week with the aging punk rockers at the wedding reception, I’ve got a bit of a man-crush on Dave Grohl. A bit more, actually, as I’ve had a bit of one for a while already. I mean, he’s cute and an awesome drummer, and he was pretty funny with his lines in that one sketch. I’m not a big fan of the hair and the beard so much though. I think if my man-crush should ever realize itself into a relationship with him, I’d have to gently but naggingly get him to trim himself down a bit. I’m not dating a lumberjack over here.

I’d like to see Bryan Cranston host. He was so delightfully funny and affable on his podcast interview with Adam Carolla, I just know he’d be up for anything, and having seen him as Hal, we know he can bring the funny.

Come to think of it, Adam himself would be great. He was a member of the Groundlings, so he’s no stranger to improv and skits.

Simon Pegg would be fun, too.

Ooo! John Lithgow! He could send up Trinity!

Ctrl+F, type in the name, hit “Enter”.

I believe Woody Allen has been invited but declined to host.

Tennant seconded, though I’m sure it won’t happen unless he gets a breakthrough into American TV or film. He seems to have good comedic timing.

I’d love to see Rowan Atkinson host, but he too lacks American name recognition.

totally agree with Bryan Cranston being decent as host, but his popularity among younger viewers isn’t there. Bryan was on “thank god you’re here” improv show and he brought some ab lib funny.

Ah, screw “American name recognition” and “popularity with younger viewers”—I just want people who are fun to watch hosting.

Hugh Laurie’s done it; isn’t it Stephen Fry’s turn?

How about Dan Castellanetta?

I was disappointed when Johnny Carson died without having hosted SNL.

Actually, David Tennant did film a pilot for NBC recently. If it gets picked up, we may see more of him here.

I remember who I wanted now. Dana Carvey.

I know he’s essentially retired, but I was watching the Best Of Dana Carvey the other day and it was still very funny. He had a way of inhabiting characters that I think the current cast doesn’t quite get.

There’s an internet doohickey going around trying to get Betty White to host as she’s never hosted before. Betty White heard about it and commented that she’d be interested…if Lorne Michaels was.

Betty White would be a hoot, but if I only had one host to wish for, it would be Alice Cooper. Of course.

And mentioned in the OP.

Has Sandler come back to host?

I’d like to see Michele Obama host.

Kermit the Frog. I think they have had the muppets on but I’d love to see them do a straight Kermit the Frog as host thing.
When Conan hosted it was awful in my opinion. He did what Letterman basically did to the Oscars. He turned SNL into an extension to his own show. A lot of his Conan as Conan bits and his monologue required you have an intimate knowledge of his own show. It was unaccessible.

Hugh Laurie AND Stephen Fry.

It’s been done: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore hosted together back in the 80’s (hmmm, I’d have them PLUS Alan Bennett and Jonathan Miller… and Paxton Whitehead).

Hey, I’m a ‘bloody colonist’, and I recognize them.