What changes would you expect to see in 50 years from now?

This one is really for the younger dopers such as myself, as I bet that the vast majority of dopers here will have long gone by the year 2064.

Imagine the scenario:

You are in an entertainment place with an amusement arcade, casino, bar, soft play area (for both kids and adults), food area, pool tables and a place to watch the sports on ESPN etc. In some ways, this place is comparable to Chuck E Cheese’s. :cool:

You are with your friends have a marvellous time, and suddenly, a bit of the floor beneath you collapses and you fall down a really, really long pit and end up stuck at the bottom of the pit, and you have now got a pain in your leg as if it was broken. (Fortunately, it isn’t broken), plus your head hurts quite severely.

Unfortunately, your friends appear not to have noticed where you are and assume that you have gone to the toilet. Your cries for help go unheard by anybody due to the depth of the tunnel you fell down.

Your friends then notice you haven’t returned, and the police later get involved, but you are obviously nowhere to be found. You are reported missing, but eventually, the search for you has been called off and you are sadly pronounced dead.

You fell into a coma due to not being able to withstand the pain whilst in such a confined situation.

Later on however, you wake up from the coma and realise you are stuck, and decide enough is enough and you want out of here.

You manage to drag together enough strength to work yourself back up the pit again.

What changes would you expect to see when you reached the top and it had been 50 years later?

The weather has gone crazy–the extreme weather events of 2014 will be common in 2064–it is clear there is virtually no interest in doing anything about global warming.

American society has gone to a third world type income distribution–the vast bulk of the population poor and the top few percent very wealthy–with not much which would be called middle class.

Flying cars?

Serious energy issues for any country that didn’t go mostly wind- or hydro-powered. Fortunately, they’re predicting that fusion power will be unlocked within ten years.

Fresh water will also be a concern, with large® percentages of the world’s population drinking substandard water, with an increase in health issues as a result.