What city is this a picture of?

Picture here

I have no idea. Does anyone know?

based on the US Bank Tower in the photo, it has to be one of these cities, and it’s NOT Cleveland or Portland or Cincinatti or Sacramento but a lot of them don’t have photos.

Boise, Idaho, I think.

I’m thinking Boise, too.

It looks like Salt Lake City, UT. I think the small building with the red and white sign is Benihana.

The building in the OP might not be named US Bank Tower, though.

It’s SLC. You can see the Utah state capitol peeking out between two buildings in the center of the frame. It’s just taken at a funny camera angle that leaves out most of the usual skyline.

ETA: Also, you can see the LDS office building (which we recently discussed the phallicness of) behind the building to the right of the capitol.

… with it’s very unusual black dome and snow atop the hills to the right.

I’m with Cheez and Greasy.

Yeah, I think it is SLC.

The facade of the Boise building has vertical stripes.

Not to mention a plaza around it :smack:

That appears to be it. Thanks to everyone!

Looks like it was taken from the Hilton Salt Lake City Center, at the bottom center of this Google map.

One of the buildings looks like it has a Zion Bank logo that also supports the SLC theory.